Kyle’s Wet Summer Part 1


Thirteen-year-old Kyle shifted in his seat uncomfortably. He didn’t much care for flying. He didn’t much care for long trips in general, nor did he care to spend half the summer with his father. Kyle’s dad had left when he was only three and their bond was mostly nonexistent.

“Don’t look so bummed, Kyle. Your dad is excited to spend time with you boys,” his mother explained. “And besides, it’s high time you met your new sister.”

Kyle’s dad had remarried to some pretty young woman he met at a golf course. There were probably a lot of really pretty women in LA.

Kyle sighed. “I guess.” He fidgeted again.

“Do you think Dad’ll let me try driving the Jeep?” Kyle’s older brother, Cody asked.

Their mother laughed. “You can ask.” Cody had just turned sixteen and obtained his learner’s permit. So far, he backed into their neighbour’s station wagon, ran several stop signs, and scratched the driver’s side door. Kyle had no interest in driving when it came time. All he wanted to do was hang out with his friends and play video games.

“Now, boys, I don’t want you two messing around. You don’t have a lot of extra time to waste before your plane leaves, so just go right to security and make sure you don’t miss your plane.”

Kyle rolled his eyes. He wouldn’t miss his mom’s constant nagging, if it was any consolation. He jiggled his legs. “Are we there yet, mom?”

“In about ten minutes.”

“I kind of have to go pee,” Kyle admitted. He’d been holding it for a while now and was a bit worried he wouldn’t have time to go before the flight left. He squeezed his legs together and tried to ignore the urge.

“Well, you’ll have to hold it for a bit longer.”

“If you make us miss this flight, I’m gonna kill you,” Cody whispered.

Kyle said nothing else for the rest of the ride. He could feel his urge to go growing, but he tried hard not to show how desperate he was.

As they carried their bags to the gate, Kyle walked a bit slower behind his mother and brother, stopping every so often to adjust his hold. Once inside, Kyle saw several available bathrooms.

“Boys, you’ve only got forty-five minutes before boarding. You should get going… Oh! Kyle, do you still have to go pee?” their mother was frantically trying to maintain control of a situation she had to let go of.

Kyle shook his head, “No, I think I can hold it.”

“Good. You’re gonna be late!” She gave both boys a hug and a kiss and sent them off through security.

The line up was snaked around, and it seemed like there was no way they would make it through in a timely fashion. Kyle was having a hard time standing still. “Cody…”

“What?” the older brother groaned.

“Do you think there’s a bathroom here…?”

“I mean, yeah, but you have to wait until we get through security.”

“I really have to go…” Kyle’s voice was small and quiet and standing up wasn’t ideal for his current predicament. He could feel the shoulder straps of his backpack digging in, as well as the waistband of his jean shorts.

“It won’t be too much longer,” Cody tried to reassure his desperate little brother.

Kyle turned on his gameboy and tried to further ignore his body’s urges. He tried to catch a few pokemon, but was mostly concentrated on doing the preventative pee-pee dance.

The minutes that rolled by felt like decades and the line crept along. Kyle could swear his back teeth were swimming, but the boys were nearly through.

Cody passed his brother a plastic crate to put all of his things in. “Just hold it a little longer,” he whispered.

Kyle nodded, unsure if he could keep that promise. He squeezed his legs together and loaded up the security crate, readying it for the x-ray machine.

First, they called Cody through.

Kyle waited patiently, shaking with desperation. He felt a short spurt of pee soaking his underwear. He held himself and readjusted. He was so close now…

The security agent waved Kyle through the metal detector. Kyle felt another burst and grabbed himself.

“Are you alright, young man?” the agent asked.

Kyle nodded.

“Are you sure?”

Cody stepped in, “My little brother just really has to go to the bathroom.”

“Go ahead then, boys.”

Cody took his brother’s hand. “Can you run?”

Kyle shook his head and grabbed his crotch. Tears were welling up in his eyes, “I’m gonna pee my pants,” he whispered.

“Just hold it a little longer. I can see the bathroom from here!”

Kyle reluctantly began walking. He held himself tight, but felt a long spurt of pee drenching the front of his shorts. He gasped, letting loose a puddle of pee right in front of the other passengers.

“It’s okay,” Cody kept saying, dragging his embarrassed little brother to the men’s room. “Just change in the stall. We can wash the wet stuff at Dad’s.”


2 thoughts on “Kyle’s Wet Summer Part 1

  1. I just read this, too! That was extremely well-written and believable! Would have loved the description to be even more detailed and drawn out, but as it is it was already well above-average!
    Looking forward to the next part, as soon as it’s ready! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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