Desperate Family Part 5


It was just after five o’clock and Elias had just logged into Xbox Live.  He and Willis were supposed to play a few rounds of multiplayer before Esther got home from dance and his parents went out to dinner for their anniversary.  Ezra was off at their aunt and uncle’s place and Edith was out at some awkward sixth grade sleepover. Elias was glad the house would be quiet this evening. He didn’t love babysitting his youngest sister, but at least Esther was compliant and kept to herself most of the time.  He chugged the bottle of Pepsi Blue he bought from the school vending machine, hoping Esther would stay late at dance so he could have a few extra minutes online. Elias didn’t get a ton of time to himself, being the oldest of four. His only refuge was playing Halo with Willis and the confines of his very small room (though his parents wouldn’t let him keep a TV or the Xbox in his room).  He saw Willis’s username pop up and they started a game of Halo.

Shortly after he started the game, Elias felt the sudden and desperate urge to pee.  He silently cursed the Pepsi Blue and tried to keep his head in the game. He crossed his legs and tried to focus, but it was proving a difficult task.  He was taken down easily, not watching for enemies. His reaction time was sluggish.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” Willis cried into the crackly headset, “Jesus, man!  Figure it out!”

Elias groaned and swore, quickly adjusting his groin between respawns.  The pangs of desperation were getting stronger. He couldn’t fight off the urge for much longer, but the match was far from over.

“We’re so gonna lose!  Eli, what the hell are you doing?!” Willis shouted.

“I…I don’t even…”


“Sorry…” Elias put down the controller to hold himself, resulting in getting shot in the head and teabagged by someone named MasturChief69.  He took the opportunity to get up from the sofa and do another readjustment mixed with a potty dance. Elias wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold out.  What would he tell Willis? He squeezed his legs together, jumping up and down. Then he remembered a trick that weird mohawked kid, Jacob Black, had mentioned to him right before exams.

“If you really gotta piss and they won’t let you go, just give yourself a boner.  Can’t pee and jizz at the same time, right?” Elias could see Jacob’s grinning, pierced lips in his mind’s eye.  But what if Jacob was full of shit? Elias didn’t really have much of a choice; his ballooning bladder was about to burst!

Elias closed his eyes and gingerly slid his right hand down his grey and burgundy sweatpants.  He started gently, rubbing himself. Nothing. He couldn’t keep his mind off how badly he needed to go.  He couldn’t even distract himself with the image of Frankie Ambrose, who was possibly the hottest girl in school.  Elias started to jerk himself harder, closing his eyes and wincing, imagining Frankie next to him, shirtless. He felt a twinge in his groin.  He wasn’t sure if he was in the middle of getting a boner or…

“Elias!  What the fuck is going on?!” Willis shouted into the headset, “What are you doing?!  We’re getting fucking slaughtered!”

Elias had stopped listening to his best friend’s angry words.  He kept jerking, trying to concentrate. Suddenly, his hand was wet.  His underwear were wet. He was leaking into his pants. Elias plugged himself, holding on desperately.  The minor erection that had started wasn’t enough to keep the pee at bay. He tore off the headset and dropped the controller.  He gasped and tried to run to the bathroom, but felt another gush release from his penis. His underwear were soaked. Elias gritted his teeth and tried again to make it to the bathroom.  A wave of pain from his groin hit him like a brick wall. He gasped and let loose all over his sweatpants and stood there, peeing his pants in the middle of the vacant house. He looked at the time and picked up the headset.  “I, uh, gotta go, Mom and Dad just got home,” he lied, shutting down the game and TV. Elias knew he only had a limited time before his parents and Esther returned. He had to get rid of his soaked pants and underwear before they realized what had happened.  Thankfully not a drop had gotten into the carpet or the couch. Elias ran up to his room and tore off his pants and underwear, throwing them into a pile of dirty clothes in the corner of his room. He then headed to the shower to rinse off his nether regions.

Not long after hopping in the shower, he heard Esther and his mother arrive home from dance.  Elias leapt from the shower to his room, pulling on a new pair of underwear and some basketball shorts.

“Elias?!” his mother called.

“Coming, mom,” he replied, bounding down the staircase.

“Your father should be home in a few minutes and then we’re going out for dinner.  I’m going to order you two a pizza and I’ve rented you a movie to watch together.” She threw down a DVD with a makeshift Blockbuster sleeve that read “The Princess Diaries.”

“Mom!  Seriously?!” Elias complained, “I’m not watching that crap.  Esther can watch it with her friends!”

His mother raised an eyebrow.  “Come on, Eli. You know she wants to watch this with you.  Just give it a chance. I told her once the movie and dinner are done, she needs to do her homework and leave you be.  I know you just want to play Harlow with Willis.”

“Halo, Mom.  It’s Halo.”

“Whatever it is, I know it’s Friday night and I know that’s all you want to do.  Just be nice to your sister and she’ll leave you alone. I also left some money for you in the kitchen if you need anything.”

Elias smiled.  It was rare that his parents had his back.  At almost fifteen years old, it seemed as though they trusted him more and more.  “Thanks,” he replied.

His mother went up to her room to get ready for dinner and Esther emerged from her room, changed into a black and pink striped sundress.  “Are you gonna watch Princess Diaries with me?” she asked, skipping down the stairs.

Elias winced.  “I guess.”

“Do you know what pizza I want?” Esther asked.

“Uh, pepperoni with no cheese?”

Esther grinned, delighted that her brother remembered.  “Mom says after the movie you can play Halos if you want.”

Elias shrugged.  “I already played with Willis earlier.  He’s probably going out with his girlfriend tonight.  I borrowed his DVD of Resident Evil though. Probably gonna watch that when you’re asleep.”

Esther pouted.  “I wanna watch a scary movie.”

“You’re gonna get too freaked out and then Mom’s gonna kill me for keeping you awake!”

“I won’t even tell Mom!” Esther pleaded.

Elias sighed and ended the argument.

“Don’t keep secrets from your mother,” their father, Jack, barked, “You know she’ll find out either way.”

“Daddy!” Esther exclaimed.

“Hi, Pumpkin!” Jack knelt to hug his littlest daughter.  “How was dance?”

“It was so good!  I was perfect and everyone clapped when I finished my solo routine, but that mean girl, Flossie, told me my feet weren’t pointy, but they were…”

Jack smiled down at her, not completely listening, “I can’t wait to see the recital next month!  I know you’ll do great.” He turned to Elias, handing him a business card, “Son, I know you’ve got these numbers memorized, but here’s the restaurant and my cell just in case. I’m sure I can trust you to order pizzas while I check on your mother?”

Elias nodded and his father went upstairs to get ready.

“Look, Ess, you can watch it with me if you promise not to freak out.  Willis says it’s kind of scary. I just don’t want you to lay awake all night, scared the zombies might get you,” Elias said under his breath.

“I promise,” Esther moaned, dragging out the word ‘promise,’ “Can you order pizza now?”

Elias grabbed the cordless phone from the kitchen and ordered his sister’s weird, cheeseless pizza and a Hawaiian with jalapenos for himself.

“We’re taking off, Eli,” Penny called, “Call us if you need anything!”

“Love you, kids!” Jack shouted.

“Bye,” Elias replied.

“I love you!” Esther exclaimed.

The door shut and he heard the lock click into place.  Elias sighed. He couldn’t believe he had to sit through the entirety of The Princess Diaries.  He could never let Willis know this was how he was spending his Friday night. He wondered what Willis’s new girlfriend even looked like.  Probably not as hot as Frankie. Nobody was as hot as Frankie.

“Wanna watch the movie now?” Esther grinned, holding her little hands in an almost prayerlike pose.

Elias sighed.  “I guess.” He was relieved to get it over with quickly.  He handed Esther The Princess Diaries.

She looked at him cynically.  “No, I mean the other movie.”

“Are you sure?” Elias questioned.

“I wanna watch Resident Evil!”

Elias shrugged.  He wasn’t going to argue with her anymore.  “Go grab us a couple of Pepsis. I need to go grab the DVD from my room.”  He still couldn’t believe Esther wanted to watch a scary movie. Was she trying to win him over?  What could she possibly want?

Esther was almost finished her can of pepsi when Elias came back downstairs.  She got up and grabbed another can while her brother set up the DVD player on their 40 inch tube TV.  She was excited to finally watch something her brother was excited about, even though she really wanted to watch The Princess Diaries.  But there was always time for that later. Esther sat back down and began to guzzle her second soda. Creepy Marilyn Manson music blared from the TV speakers and the movie began.

“What’s that blue stuff?” Esther asked.

“Watch the movie and you’ll find out,” Elias replied, trying hard not to tell his little sister to shut up.

“Why is the building trying to kill everyone?”

“Dude, watch the movie!” Elias snapped.

“But I wanna know right now,” Esther whined.

“If you’re not going to watch the movie, we can put something else on.”

Esther stopped talking for a while, watching as the horror unfolded deep within in the Umbrella Corporation.


“Do you think we should’ve trusted Esther like that?” Penny asked her husband.

“To not bug Eli when he’s got homework and a life to live on Friday nights?” Jack replied, “Why not?  She’s a good kid. Elias knows his place in the family. He likes staying home anyway. Especially since that weird vulgar kid with the greasy hair got a girlfriend.”

“Willis?” Penny laughed at her husband’s description of their son’s best friend.  Willis wasn’t overly intelligent or driven, but the parents respected Elias’s choice in best friend.

Jack poured Penny another glass of white wine, “Don’t worry too much about the kids.”


Esther fidgeted as she did when she had to sit still for more than fifteen minutes at a time, “I’m getting another pop.  Do you want another pop?”

Elias shrugged, completely focused on the screen.  The doorbell rang and Elias hit pause.

“Pizza!” Esther squealed.  She opened the fridge and grabbed two more Pepsis.

Esther continued to fidget as she gorged on pizza and Pepsi.  “I’m full,” she said, setting down the half empty pizza box.

Elias looked over.  Esther was wiggling her legs and holding her crotch.  “Do you want me to pause the movie while you pee?”

“I don’t have to go,” Esther replied, “Well, not really.”  She squeezed her legs together.

“Cool,” Elias muttered, staring back at the screen and picking away at his nearly empty box of pizza.


“I think I’ve had a few too many glasses of wine,” Penny admitted, trying not to show how desperate she was getting, “I think I’ll head to the ladies…”

Jack grabbed her wrist.  “Not tonight,” he said with a smile.

Penny sat back down, trying to ignore her begging bladder.  She gingerly took a few more bites of her dinner.

Jack poured them each another, very full, glass of wine.


Esther started to feel the urge to go grow stronger.  She knew she would make it though. The movie couldn’t be much longer.  The survivors were almost on the train. Esther normally didn’t have much trouble holding her pee during movies, but when she was a little scared it wasn’t as easy.  It seemed like there was always something around the corner trying to scare her in this one.

The Licker popped out and attacked the characters on the train.  Esther’s heart was throbbing with anxiety and fear. She held herself tightly, hoping she wasn’t leaking.  She tried to remember to breathe and took another sip of her third Pepsi, which she instantly regretted. She let out a little whimper and held her crotch tighter.  Her bladder was so full she didn’t know if she could get up to use the bathroom anymore. Her knees scraped together and she tried to maintain her hold.

Elias heard his little sister’s onomatopoetic outburst, “We can turn it off if you’re too scared.”

“N-no,” Esther barely managed, “I’ll watch…” Another throbbing spasm from her crotch and she leaked into her underwear.  Esther felt wet and uncomfortable. Her fingers could feel pee pooling in her crotch. She couldn’t make it for much longer.  Her legs were shaking. She worriedly crossed one leg over the other, toes pointed anxiously as she fussed in her seat. But she would have to make it.  There were only seconds until the movie was over… Esther squirmed and held tighter until the credits came up. Finally! She sighed. She was almost home free.


Penny was rocking back and forth in her chair.  She had made it through dinner, left hand holding tight to her privates.  Her black lace underwear were a bit damp, but Penny wasn’t fully wetting herself yet.  She could feel her bladder bulging out of her dress.

“Dessert?” Jack inquired, smirking.  He was enjoying this more than she was.  Jack couldn’t remember the last time he was this aroused; it was probably before they had children.  He handed his desperate wife the menu.

“N-no thanks…” Penny weakly replied, hoping to get out of the fancy restaurant without drenching herself in front of all these people.

“Come on, Pen.  My treat.”

She pushed the menu back towards him and looked down at herself sheepishly whispering,“I… I can’t hold-”

He grabbed her hand.  “Yes you can,” he encouragingly replied.


“Well, I gotta drain the lizard,” Elias said.

Esther felt a wave of fear come over her.  She needed to go so badly! How could he take the bathroom from her?  Esther bit her lip. She couldn’t bring herself to respond, so she held herself tighter, wincing.

Elias ran upstairs, with Esther following very slowly behind.  She stopped every few steps to adjust herself and secure the hold.  With each step she felt herself leak a little more. There wasn’t much time…

Esther finally made it to the top of the stairs.  All the lights were turned off and it was silent. She could hear her heart pounding loudly like a drum.  She felt like someone was drumming on her bladder, though. She crossed her legs again, hoping the pressure would ease off for a moment or two.  She looked around, seeing nothing. The bathroom door was open and Elias was nowhere to be seen. “Eli?” she called, “Where did you go?” The creepy zombie scenes rushed back into Esther’s head and she was starting to feel really scared.  “Eli? P-please this isn’t funny!” Esther could hear the shaky fear in her voice. It wasn’t like her at all. She scrunched her legs together. Her pee was coming, zombies or not. She gasped, holding herself tighter. Esther would have to make a run for it.  The bathroom wasn’t far off now.

But she could hear something in the closet at the end of the hall.

“E-Elias?!” she called out.

No answer.


Penny bit her lip, “Jack!” she gasped.  She knew it was time. She had held for as long as she could.

Jack could see the desperation in his wife’s face.  He knew it was now or never. Without asking for the bill, he threw down more than enough cash and the two rushed out the door.

Penny pressed her legs together, desperately trying to hold on.  Spurts leaked out into her lace panties. They were soaking wet. Her opaque pantyhose began to soak up some of the excess.  Penny moaned.

Jack took his wife’s hand and led her to a vacant alleyway behind the restaurant, “Are you gonna piss yourself?” He grinned, teeth glowing in the moonlight like he was some kind of vampire.

Penny smiled blissfully as her husband pressed her up against a brick wall, “Yessss.”  She dragged out the ‘S’ until it blended into the hissing sound that came from her crotch.  Penny peed and peed, dampening the alley.

Jack rubbed himself up against his wife, her urine dampening his grey dress pants.  He pressed his erect penis into her and closed his eyes.

Penny ran her fingers through Jack’s hair as they kissed.  She could smell a mix of her urine and his Old Spice as he took down her damp panties.  This was the most intimate she had felt with her husband since Ezra was born. The passion they felt for each other seemed new and almost animalistic.


Esther grabbed her crotch one last time, feeling a little more of her pee leaking out.  She winced and twisted herself. She took a deep breath in, hoping it would give her courage and strength to get to the bathroom.

She grabbed herself and started to run.  Esther’s thin legs were tightly squeezed together, so it wasn’t her fastest gallop.  The air felt thin in her lungs, though it was only a short distance. She heard a creak and then


Something grabbed her in the darkness, its arms wrapping around her tightly as it made a horrible gnashing noise with its teeth.

Esther screamed, tears welling up in her young eyes as she felt herself lose control.  Warm urine was trickling down her legs, soaking through her dress, and falling to the carpet.  She kicked and screamed and cried as more pee came with a forceful stream down her legs.

“Hahaha!  I got you so good!” Elias laughed.

Esther stopped screaming when she realized it was her brother.  She gasped. Pee was still trickling down her shaking legs; her panties soaked through.  Esther said nothing. She began to whimper, which turned into full on bawling. She couldn’t breathe.  How could Elias have done this to her? He knew she needed to go…

Elias flipped on the lightswitch and finally saw what was happening.  His little sister was trembling and crying. He felt instantly guilty.  “Oh Ess,” he sighed, “I’m so sorry… I didn’t know you needed to go that bad…”

“You-you,” Esther sobbed, accusingly, “You made me pee my pants!”  Esther ran into her room, continuing to wail loudly.


“Oh my God,” Penny whispered, placing her sweaty head in the crook of her husband’s neck.  She shut her eyes for a few moments. She could still feel him finishing inside her.

Jack’s body pulsated for a few seconds.  He gasped for air, blinking once or twice.  It was as if he’d been in a trance. “I love you,” he said to his wife.  He dug for his phone, realizing he was back in reality. “It’s nine. We should head back and make sure the kids aren’t murdering each other.”

Penny smiled.  She still felt like she was floating in a euphoric haze.


“I-I can’t breathe!” Esther called out between sobs.

Elias was at her side, stroking her shaking back.  “It’s gonna be okay,” he awkwardly tried to reassure her.

Esther tried to breathe in but only managed a few short gasps as she cried.

“Accidents happen, Ess.  It’s really gonna be okay.  I promise. I won’t even tell mom and dad.  I’ll clean everything up,” Elias pleaded with his sister, hoping that would make everything okay.

Esther continued to cry, covering her face with a pillow.

“Would it help if I told you I had an accident?” Elias asked.

Esther stopped for a moment, a red eye peering out from her pillow.

“Well, I did,” Elias couldn’t believe he was admitting this to his little sister of all people.  “Today I pissed my pants because I couldn’t quit Halo. Willis hates losing so… I just held it until I couldn’t hold it anymore.”

Esther sat up, “Really?”

“Yep,” Elias replied sheepishly.

“But that was just one time,” she replied, “And you did it cause you had to beat the game with Willis.”

“Yeah, I guess,” his sister’s face was still embarrassed and sad, “But that wasn’t the only time.  I mean, I definitely pissed myself other times too.”

Esther perked up.

“Like a couple weeks ago when I went to see Spiderman with Willis, we wanted to see if there was anything special after the credits and I drank a whole giant soda so you know I really had to go…”

“You peed your pants in the movie?!” Esther gasped.

“It was dark and Willis didn’t see,” Elias replied, “But yeah I guess.”  He was feeling much less embarrassed about that story. It was definitely a bit of a lie.  Elias had gotten very desperate by the end of the movie, but he never peed his pants. It was just a story to make Esther feel better.  “So, how about you take a quick bath and I’ll throw our clothes in the laundry before Mom and Dad find out what happened?”

Esther nodded, wiping the tears off her face.


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