Pike’s Peak Part 1

The Drive

“I can’t believe your parents let Lizzie come along,” Mac groaned, running the mangled straw of his fountain soda between his teeth.

“She’s Allie’s best friend,” Scott replied, “They felt bad because I got to bring all three of you along and she has no other friends.”

“It’s still super gay. Lizzie is the worst.”

“Come on! She’s kind of hot though…” Scott snickered.

The two other boys, Andy and Danny looked at each other, smirking quietly while they waited for Mac’s overreaction.

“Screw off,” Mac flipped them the bird. “You don’t get it. You don’t have a sister like Lizzie.”

“We’re not going to hang out with them anyway. All Allie and Lizzie want to do is hang out on the bunny hills, pretending they’ve never skied before. They just wanna hit on those stupid jocks like Marco Dimaggio and Laurence Croix. You know, douche bags.”

Mac slurped the last of his soda and burped with fierce disdain.

Andy and Danny looked at each other again as if they could communicate telepathically. Mac and Scott noticed this a lot; the twins seemed to understand each other on a level they would never tap into.

Mac burped again and laughed. “You two are so gay.”

“That’s gross. Even if I were gay, no way I’d be gay with my brother,” Andy pretended to vomit.

“Yeah,” Danny replied, grimacing. “Do you want the rest of my coke, Mac?” He handed the large, half empty fountain drink to Mac. “I don’t really want it.”

“Sweet. Free drinks!” Mac smiled and grabbed the soda out of Danny’s hand.

“I never buy sodas at the movies,” Scott said, “I don’t want to miss out on anything while I’m in the bathroom.”

Mac rolled his eyes, “Dude, you went to the bathroom like five times during the movie!”

Scott didn’t say anything and sheepishly stared at the floor. It wasn’t his fault he had a small bladder. He tried not to drink any water at sports games either because he knew there was nowhere for him to… go. He remembered the one time in grade two, when he went to his last school, he was playing soccer and he really needed to pee. He asked the coach if he could go, but he was told to wait until the end of the game. Scott couldn’t wait. He could almost never wait. He ended up peeing his pants in front of his whole team, the opposing team, and everyone’s parents. Scott still had nightmares about that.

Andy smiled at Scott. “It was more like two times. Whatever. Sometimes you just have to pee.”

“Speaking of…” Scott and Allie’s mom, Jennifer, peeked into the room, “We’re leaving in a minute – if you boys need to use the loo, I suggest you do so now. It’s about two hours to Pike’s Peak and there aren’t any rest stops; consider this your warning.”

“Thanks for the heads up, Mrs. Gellar,” Andy replied.

After Scott’s mom shut the door, Mac let out a burst of laughter he had been suppressing. “Haha! Mrs. Gellar? Man, you’re such a suck up, Andy.”

Andy rolled his eyes, “Whatever.”

“You totally want to bang Scott’s mom! Oh Jennifer, ohhhh!” Mac joked.

“Shut up!” Scott playfully punched his best friend in the shoulder. “That’s nasty, Mac!”

Mac took another long sip of the soda he took from Danny and burped obnoxiously, again. “Thanks again, Danny. This is righteously delicious.” He placed the empty disposable soda cup carelessly on top of Scott’s bedside table. “Now I’m gonna take a piss.” Mac confidently walked out of the room and down the hall.

“I’m gonna use the downstairs,” Scott told the twins. “You guys can go after. See you downstairs!”

When the twins were alone, Danny nervously looked to his one-minute-older brother. “Andy…”


Danny bit his lip a little. He was definitely the shyer and more anxious of the two boys. “Did you remember the Gravol?”

Andy shrugged. “Yeah, I think it’s in the backpack mom gave us. It’s not even that far. I don’t think you’ll even need it.”

Danny looked worried. “But what if…”

“Don’t worry! It’s gonna be fine. You haven’t puked in forever. You probably don’t even get carsick anymore!”


“If you feel like you’re gonna puke, just look out the window of close your eyes or think about not puking, okay? You’ll be fine!”

“So you forgot the Gravol?” Danny meekly replied.

Andy grinned sheepishly.

The twins headed to the respective bathrooms and met up with everyone downstairs.

“Everyone ready for a day at The Peak?!” Mike, Scott and Allie’s dad, asked. He was great at revving the boys up for an adventure, even something as tame as skiing.

The boys cheered. Allie and Lizzie rolled their eyes. “Dad, stop being so lame.”

“You love it, kiddo,” Mike replied.

“Has everyone gone to the bathroom? Do you all have your ski passes?” Jennifer expressed her worries aloud.

The boys and teen girls groaned, “yes,” in unison and they headed out to the eight-seated mini van.

About twenty minutes into the ride, Mac felt like he needed to pee again. He was suddenly regretting drinking all of Danny’s soda. It wasn’t too bad. He could probably make it to The Peak before it was too late. Mac had definitely been in more dire situations. Last year, in the third grade they went to the museum on the other side of town for a day trip. He bought a gallon of soda from the corner store during lunch break and proceeded to drink the whole thing in front of his class just to prove he could. Mac went to the bathroom three or four times before getting on the bus back home, but it proved to not be enough. The bumpy bus ride definitely wasn’t helpful in his situation and he ended up doing a sitting down version of the ever-embarrassing “pee-pee dance” for an hour until he got back to school. When he finally got to the bathroom, he undid his pants but started leaking into his underwear. Mac didn’t care at the time; nothing felt better than that moment he let loose in that bathroom. His white undies were soaked through and he threw them in the trash can. He went without underwear for the rest of the day. When his mom questioned where they were, he told her he had forgotten to wear any.

Scott, Danny, and Andy were sitting in the last row of seats, very quietly. Danny and Andy both had 3DS’s that they were glued to and Scott had a hand-me-down iPod that had been Allie’s before she upgraded to an iPhone. He had made sure to delete all of her terrible pop music and put on some of the super cool metal and punk music he got from Danny and Andy’s dad (who had a Mohawk). Mr. Monroe was probably the coolest parent Scott had ever come into contact with and he desperately envied the twins in that department.

Andy was sitting at the window seat, lapping his brother at Mario Kart. Usually they were quite well-matched, but today Danny’s performance left something to be desired.

“Dude, what’s wrong? I’m totally lapping you!” Andy whispered, lightly slapping his brother’s arm.

Danny looked over at his brother, his face was pale and sheepish. “I don’t feel very good,” he meekly mumbled. He shut the screen of his 3DS and closed his eyes.

Andy shut his own 3DS and rubbed his brother’s back, “Here, just lean over a little. Just like mom tells you to do and breathe. You’re fine.”

“I feel really sick,” Danny replied, almost inaudibly.

Scott snapped out of his daze and saw Danny in the middle seat, leaning over. “Dad! Pull over! Danny’s gonna puke!”

“Danny, I need you to chill out for a minute – the highway’s pretty narrow here,” Mike shouted to the boys.

Danny clutched his stomach and began breathing through his nose rapidly. He put a hand over his mouth.

“Dude, you’re gonna be okay,” his twin brother reassured.

Danny shook his head. The bumpy, windy road had not been kind to his weak stomach, and neither had those movie theater burgers.

“Dad, please pull over!” Scott exclaimed.

The van came to a gentle stop on the side of the road. Scott had never moved so quickly out of the car in his life. Andy helped unbuckle his sick brother’s seat belt and led him out of the car. They helped Danny sit down on a rock.

“Are you okay?” Andy asked.

Danny nodded. “I just… I just didn’t feel good.”

“Danny, I’m going to give you a couple of plastic bags just in case your tummy gets upset again,” Jennifer offered. “I wouldn’t want you to mess up your new snow suit.” She sat down next to the sick boy and rubbed his back for a bit. “Why don’t we sit here for a minute and make sure you’re feeling okay before we start driving again.”

Danny nodded and stared at the perfect, white snow at his feet. The ground was still, and he felt much better. He desperately wished that Andy had remembered the Gravol. He took a few more deep breaths and closed his eyes.

Meanwhile, back in the car, Mac was sitting next to his sister and completely ignoring her idiotic conversation with Allie about how cute the new guy at school was. He was getting more and more desperate to pee. He thought he should go out and see if Danny was okay and if there were any good spots to piss in the near by ditch, but he saw everyone coming back to the car and he didn’t want to be a burden, or give Scott a good reason to make fun of him. He didn’t need that. Weak-bladdered Scott couldn’t win this one. Mac shifted his legs ever so gently and squeezed his crotch. He hoped it wouldn’t be too much longer.

“Oh my god, we’re going to be so late. What if Avery Long and that gross ginger bitch, Christie-Kay Weinberger end up stealing all the boys away?” Lizzie moaned.

“I fucking hate Christie-Kay Weinberger. Her parents are so rich and she’s just such a fucking goodie-goodie.”

“Alison, language!” Mike shouted from the driver’s seat.

Alison screamed through her teeth in a typical teen girl rage. “Dad! I’m almost an adult! I’ll be fourteen in a month!”

Her father suppressed his careless chuckles.

“I can’t believe you let Scott and his idiot friends come on this family trip!”

“Well, honey, we let you bring Lizzie.”

“But Dad, you literally let Scott bring three of his idiot friends!”

“And I *literally* would’ve let you bring three of your friends, but Lizzie was the only one who could come this weekend,” Mike argued.

“Ugh!” Allie shouted.

Jennifer and the three boys piled back into the car. “Mac, can you switch seats with Danny so he can have a window seat? I think it’ll help with his carsickness.”

“Sure,” Mac gulped. He wasn’t sure if he could move without leaking a little. He pulled his jacket down over his crotch just in case and scrunched his legs together as he slowly got up and moved to the back seat between Andy and Scott.

“Danny, if you need us to pull over again, just shout. If you’re gonna be sick, use these bags.” Jennifer handed him a couple of grocery store bags and they took off.

Danny felt a lot better, but closed his eyes for a bit. He didn’t want to listen to Lizzie and Allie’s conversation either.

Andy turned Mario Kart back on. He was going to use this time to practice and beat Danny when the playing field was level again. Scott turned his music on again and ignored Mac’s near-constant fidgeting. They all figured it was the ADHD and conduct disorders he had been supposedly diagnosed with. Mac kept turning off and on his budget brand MP3 player and jiggling his legs. He was biting his lip, hoping they would have to make another stop soon or that they would just get to Pike’s Peak. He was sure his bladder was completely full and one false move would break the dam. He closed his eyes and squeezed his legs together in desperation. He had never needed to pee this badly before. He looked out the window for a while, trying not to draw attention to himself. He saw a sign that read Pike’s Peak Resort: 25 Miles. If they were going 50 miles per hour, that would mean half an hour until they got there… Mac squeezed his legs together. He wasn’t sure if he could make it that long! He grabbed his crotch tightly. It was now or never.

“Um, Mike?”

“Yeah, kiddo?”

“I … I really need to go to the bathroom,” Mac whimpered.

“Well, can you hold it for a bit? I don’t think there are any bathrooms until we get to The Peak.”


“Try and hold it, buddy. We’ll be there soon. Maybe ten minutes.”

“Okay. I think I can hold it,” Mac replied. Both of his hands were holding onto his crotch and he was shaking with desperation. He was almost crying. He jiggled and held until he felt like twenty minutes had gone by.

“Mike… I have to go really, really, really bad!”

“We’re almost there, Mac. Just hold it, bud.”

“No, no, no, no, no… I mean really, really, really, really bad.”

Scott looked over at his best friend. “Didn’t you go pee before we left?”

“Yeah,” Mac winced.

“And you said I have a weak bladder…” Scott replied.

“Shut… up…”

“You probably shouldn’t have drank all that soda Danny gave you.”


“I hope you’re not thinking about running water. Or dripping taps. Or waterfalls. Or dams breaking…”

“Stop it!” Mac screamed, shoving a hand down his pants and grabbing hard onto his crotch. “I’m gonna piss my pants!”

Scott laughed uncontrollably. His best friend deserved this. He made a hissing sound. “Hahaha, you’re gonna pee yourself!”

Tears streamed down Mac’s cheeks. He could see the entrance of the park in the far-off distance. “Mike, can we p-please stop? I’m… I’m n-not gonna m-make it…!”

“Okay, okay, hold your horses…” Mike grumbled.

Mac didn’t have any more horses to hold. He let a little bit go into his underwear. The pressure wasn’t relieved at all. His stomach started to hurt. He let a little bit more out. And a little bit more. And a little bit more. And then a lot more. He felt a cold sweat drench over him. He looked over at Scott, who said nothing and gave him the same horrified, blank look.

“Dad…” Scott worriedly called.

“Boys! I’m trying to pull over. Please!”

“Dad… Mac… Mac peed his pants…”

Mike said nothing and kept driving. The scent of fresh urine made the car smell of ammonia. It was not the adventure the boys were hoping for.

Mac said nothing for a long time. His snowsuit was absolutely drenched and he felt like crying. Scott would never let him live this one down. His silence was more terrifying than the taunts Scott had uttered earlier. He felt a tear dribble down his cheek and another dribble of urine down his leg. Holding anything in didn’t seem to matter anymore.

Danny woke up feeling groggy and nauseous. The smell of pee hung in the air. Bleary-eyed, he looked around and tried to get his bearings, but he just felt sick and confused. He wasn’t sure if he was going to throw up, so he looked for the bags Scott’s mom had given him. They were nowhere to be seen.

Lizzie and Allie, who were sitting beside him, were still engulfed in their conversation about which guy at school was hotter and they were glad none of their crushes had ever peed themselves like Lizzie’s little brother.

Danny looked out the window at the snow falling softly outside. His mom had told him that looking out the window can sometimes help when you’re feeling carsick. Unfortunately for him, it didn’t seem to work. He closed his eyes again, hoping to get back to sleep.

It didn’t work, though. Danny’s stomach turned over as they went over another bump. He leaned over, eyes closed. He still felt dizzy and sick. Danny clutched his stomach, feeling the burn of vomit trying to escape from the bottom of his gut.

Lizzie looked over at the boy sitting on her right. “Oh my god, Allie, your brother’s weird little conjoined twin friend is totally gonna puke.”

“Dad! Dad! Stop the car!”

“Alison! We are almost there! Whatever it is can wait two minutes!”

“Dad! Seriously! Scott’s stupid friend is gonna puke!”

Mike turned around and saw Danny trying to swallow his sick. “Oh f-”

“Danny, honey, use the bags I gave you!” Jennifer calmly instructed.

Allie and Lizzie were frantically looking for plastic bags as Danny tried desperately to keep his stomach contents inside his body. He could taste last night’s acidic dinner on the back of his tongue. He could smell the horrible public bathroom smell of urine from Mac’s accident.

Allie was ready to give up, “Mom, I can’t find-”

Danny couldn’t hold back anymore and blew chunks of cheap burger and old spaghetti all over the middle of the van, and his snow suit. He was so embarrassed that he started to cry.


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