Camp White Lake Part 2

“Whoa, you’re almost at the boss, Jason!” eleven-year-old Chris Chant exclaimed, kicking the seat in front of him. He shoveled another mouth full of gummy bears into his face. “Datsh amashing,” he said, decapitating the bears with his teeth while speaking to his best friend. He was excited to finally be able to bring a friend to camp this year. Usually he just spent time shadowing his father’s sermons and stealing candies from the tuck shop (to which his father had the key). Though Jason didn’t much care for polite or idle conversation, he truly loved video games and that was the basis for the boys’ unlikely friendship.

Jason said nothing, as usual. He didn’t even look at Chris to acknowledge him; he just kept staring intently at the Gameboy screen.

“Wow, I’ve never even seen this level and I’ve been watching Video & Arcade every week since it came out and-”

“I don’t care,” Jason replied.

Chris kept stuffing bears in his mouth, “Datsh coo.”

“You shouldn’t put that much food in your mouth,” Jason said flatly, “You might choke and die.”

Chris swallowed hard. “Um, thanks, Jason.” He put the gummy bears back in his bag for the remainder of the trip.


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