Camp White Lake Part 6

Jeremy and Matt were sitting down by the dock in their swim trunks.

“Did you notice how hot Katie Lee got is this summer?” Jeremy asked.

“What?” Matt hadn’t noticed anyone being ‘hot’.

“Her hair is really soft and you can kinda see her boobs in that bathing suit, and she smells like coconut shampoo.”

“That’s gay,” Matt huffed.

Jeremy raised an eyebrow. “If you don’t think Katie is hot, then you’re the gay one.”

Matt said nothing. He was pretty sure he wasn’t gay. But he didn’t find any girls hot either. He just felt like a kid and suddenly Jeremy was tall and tanned and ready to have a girlfriend.

“Aw man…” Jeremy covered his crotch. “Can we go in the water? I… I have a…”

Matt looked down, “A wha- oh.”

Jeremy slipped into the water in an attempt to hide his erection. “Katie made me…”

“Yeah, um, me too…” Matt lied. He didn’t even know what that felt like.

“Matt, have you ever, like, just layed in bed all day and just… jerked it?”


“Dude, it’s what I’ve been doing all summer. All I think about is Katie and her older sister, Jessie.”

Matt said nothing. He slunk deeper into the water, wishing he would grow up like everyone else.


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