Camp White Lake Part 7

Seventeen-year-old Peter Dixon had just arrived at Camp White Lake. He threw his things down on the leader bed, next to the door of Cabin 6. He had just returned from a Christian retreat with is whole family upstate and he was starting to wonder if becoming a youth pastor was really his calling. Hearing all the hatred for homosexuals in the church made him uncomfortable. He had met a few gay people in his travels and they were all wonderful children of God. And why wouldn’t God love all his children? Peter wondered what Dave thought of the whole scenario. Dave’s parents were fairly devout and Dave was for sure gay… wasn’t he?

Peter sighed and stretched his arms out. He had at least a year to figure out whether he wanted to go to the Christian university his father taught at.

Dave knocked on the window of Peter’s cabin. “Hey dude!” Dave took off his headphones and wore them around his neck, “how was that retreat thing?!”

Peter shrugged sheepishly. “It was fine I guess.”

“Still thinking of applying to Trinity?”


Dave smiled. “It’s cool, man. I’m probably not even going to university next year. These dudes I know are heading to Amsterdam next summer and I think I might tag along, check out the hostel scene in Europe… you know, do that whole backpacking deal and listen to sweet tunes all along the way! You should come!”

“Really?” Peter exclaimed, probably too excitedly.

“Yeah, really.” Dave took off his sunglasses and sat down. “Man, I can’t believe I got stuck with Cabin 1 this week.”

“I don’t think any girls signed up to be leaders this year. Usually they take the little ones and leave the weird hormonal ones to us.”

“Ugh, yeah. The freaks are way easier to deal with though. You just shame ’em into doing what you want. The little ones don’t have any shame. They just piss the bed and you have to clean up their unfortunate messes.” Dave moved closer.

“Haha, gross,” Peter mumbled. He adjusted his shirt to hide the fact that Dave was getting him hard. He looked down uncomfortably.

“You know it, man.” Dave slapped Peter on the back and got up to leave, “See you tonight at the mess hall!”


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