Camp White Lake Part 8

“Hey, that’s no fair!” Mikey shouted at his brother, “I wanted the top bunk!”

“Tough,” Matt replied sternly. “Jeremy and Nick already got the other top bunks.”

“But Matt!”

“Dude, no!”

“That’s so not fair!”

Matt slid off the top bunk and came to sit next to his little brother. “Dude, it’s totally fair,” he whispered, “Cause if you pee the bed, then it won’t drip on anyone. That’s fucking gross.”

Mikey went silent and stared at the ground in shame.

“Maybe when you stop wetting the bed like a little baby, you can sleep wherever you want,” Matt whispered, even quieter.

Mikey wanted to cry, but just kept sitting there.

Chris sat up from the comic book he was reading. “Hey Mikey, it’s cool. Bottom bunks are totally fine. How about I help you roll out your sleeping bag?”

“No-” Mikey warned. But it was too late. Chris had already unraveled Mikey’s sleeping bag with his GoodNites wrapped secretly inside.

“Whoa, are those…?” Chris started.

Mikey quickly scrunched up the sleeping bag so nobody could see. “No. They’re nothing.”

Chris said nothing more. He had never been a bed wetter himself, but he felt sympathy for Matt’s little brother. Being nine and still wetting the bed sounded like a nightmare of embarrassment.

“Alright, boys,” Peter said, “It’s time to head down to the mess hall. Dinner’s at six, so we’d best get down there before we’re picked for dish duty.”

“Peter… can I go to the bathroom first and meet you guys there?” Mikey shyly asked, trying to hold back tears of embarrassment.

“Sure Mikey. Just be quick.” Peter and the rest of Cabin 6 headed to the mess hall and Mikey undid his sleeping bag again.

He stared at the diapers his mom had packed. There was one for each night. Tears were streaming down his cheeks. He was nine years old for God’s sake. He didn’t need these. He angrily wiped the tears from his face and grabbed all the diapers in his arms. There were garbage cans just next to the bathrooms that were situated next to Cabin 6. Mikey pushed all seven diapers as far down as they would go in the trash. “I’m not a bedwetter anymore,” he thought to himself. If he believed it, it would become truth. Mikey wiped the tears off his face and splashed himself with cold water a few times before heading to the mess hall.


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