Camp White Lake Part 10

After slaving away over the dish pit, Cabin 6 was heading back to their bunks for a bit before Vespers.

“Peter, my dad asked if I could help him with the ceremony tonight…” Chris lied.

“Well, nobody told me that the reverend needed you to help out, but it sounds legit. Take a flashlight with you,” Peter warned.

Chris grabbed his hoodie and large yellow flashlight and gave Peter the thumbs up. “Bye Jason!”

“Okay.” Jason didn’t even look up from his Gameboy. He was trying to beat Queen Metroid and trying to fight off the urge to go to the bathroom.

Chris waddled out the door and turned on the flashlight. It was time to raid the tuck shop before Vespers!

“Alright boys, we have about ten minutes before we have to head up to the lookout for Vespers and then campfire. If any of you need to use the restroom, now’s your chance.”

Mikey quickly got up and headed to the facilities, followed by his brother, Jeremy, and Nick.

“Jason, you don’t need to go?” Peter queried.

“Gotta beat the Queen.”

“Hey man, you should take advantage while you can. The fire pit and the lookout are pretty far from the bathrooms… I just don’t want you to have an accident.”

“In a minute. Gotta beat the Queen.” Jason wiggled around in his bed. Jason hummed in desperation. His stomach gurgled and he could feel himself starting a bowel movement as he delivered the final blow to Queen Metroid. Jason slid off the bed slowly, put the Gameboy on his pillow, and very carefully headed for the bathroom. He felt naked without his games, but Peter had offered him an extra pack of liquorice from the tuck shop for going without the Gameboy during Vespers and Campfire.

Meanwhile, Chris was heading up past the tuck shop’s secret door towards the lookout. He had broken into the secret entrance and was stuffing his pockets full of contraband candy. His stomach was already full after having three helpings at dinner, but there was always room for more gummy worms, chocolate bars, sour keys, and whatever other delicious candies lay beyond the door. Chris knew not to take more than six at a time – someone would notice if there was nothing left and he only had six pockets after all.

He quickly gobbled two chocolate covered marshmallow bars and licked the melted excess off his mouth. They were so delicious. Chris wished he could just eat candy all day long. He looked down at his light-up watch. It was nearly time for Vespers. Chris quickly locked up his secret stash and quickly waddled towards the lookout. Chris was starting to regret having thirds at dinner. His stomach hurt more than usual after a big meal. He closed his eyes for a second and tried to think about anything but throwing up. He breathed in deeply and continued on his way, trying to convince himself it would be okay.

When Chris got to Vespers, his father, Reverend John Chant, was already standing there next to the makeshift giant driftwood cross overlooking the inlet. “You’re late, Christian.”

“Sorry Dad,” Chris gasped.

“Son, I’ve told you this before, you need to take it easy at dinner. I watched you get thirds… I know you’re a growing boy but enough is enough. This is gluttony, Christian.”

Chris stared at his feet, sheepishly. The shame had made his nausea cease and Chris didn’t want to talk about food with his father at all.

John handed his son a sheet of the sermon and the songs Chris would lead. “Son, I don’t mean to be hard on you. If you would rather hang out with your friends than help with Vespers, I understand.”

“It’s fine, Dad. I don’t mind,” Chris mumbled. He really didn’t mind. He just didn’t enjoy when his father guilted him about his supposed gluttony. He wasn’t that bad, was he?


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