Camp White Lake Part 11

After Vespers, the boys were tramping through the forest towards the nearby fire pit for their nightly camp fire.

Chris’s stomach was starting to feel even queasier as he waddled behind the rest of his cabin. He wanted to ask Peter if he could go back to the cabin and lay down but Peter seemed preoccupied talking to Cabin 1’s leader, Dave. He closed his eyes and held his swollen stomach. Jason walked quickly in front of him, not even noticing Chris’s discomfort. Chris needed to stop. He was sure he was going to throw up; he crouched down and lowered his head. He shut his eyes; the nauseous feeling ceased completely. Chris got back up and took a deep breath, “whew.” He waddled over to where his cabin was sitting.

“Where were you?” Nick asked, “We thought a bear got you!”

“Oh, um, I needed to take a whiz so…”

“You peed in the forest?” Nick looked concerned.

“Yeah, it’s not a big deal.”

The look on Nick’s face didn’t change at all; he was definitely one of those kids who didn’t get out much… thankfully he believed Chris’s story.

Peter went up to the fire and began leading the boys in a round of “Alice the Camel.” When he finished teaching the new boys that one, Peter invited Chris to come up and help lead a round of “Head and Shoulders.”

Chris got up from his seat and went up next to Peter. He immediately felt sick again. He had to stop doing the actions for the song; the motions were not kind to his queasy tummy. Chris resorted to holding his gut and shutting his eyes. When Peter finally noticed his helper’s predicament, it was too late. Chris leaned over and blew chunks all over the ground below. He took a deep breath and threw up again; this time, it was less chunky and more watery.

“Eww!” the campers exclaimed in harmony.

Peter grabbed Chris’s arm and motioned to Dave to get all the campers organized and back to their cabins in an orderly fashion. He quickly walked with Chris to the bathrooms. “Are you still feeling sick, Chris?”

Chris nodded, “I think I ate too much dinner.”

“We’ll get you some water and clean you up. You’ll be okay in the morning. I can grab you a bucket that we can put next to your bed in case you’re sick during the night,” Peter kindly suggested.

“Thank you,” Chris whispered. He was red with embarrassment. He hoped Jason would still want to be his friend.


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