Camp White Lake Part 12

Chris was already asleep in his bed by the time the rest of Cabin 6 got back to their bunks. Dave dropped the boys off and said a quick “good night” to Peter before heading back to his cabin. Matt and Jeremy were quietly snickering about Chris’s unfortunate puke incident. Mikey looked uncomfortable and shy, but Nick had slowly become friends with the youngest member of the cabin and was showing him how to make cat’s cradle with some string he kept in his pocket. Jason was very excited to get back to his Gameboy and barely noticed his best friend was already basically unconscious.

Mikey could barely concentrate on what Nick was showing him – he was regretting throwing away all of his GoodNites. What if he was still a bedwetter?

Nick grabbed Mikey’s hands and tried to show him how to fix the knots he had created, “Like this.”

“I’m tired. Maybe we can try tomorrow,” Mikey whispered as he let go of the string. He went to his backpack and looked for his pajamas.

Nick put the string in his pocket and found his pajamas. He removed his shirt and his pants… and discovered the sticky mess in his underwear had happened again. It wasn’t as bad as earlier, but it was still unpleasant. He shyly hid his body and tossed the underwear in the bottom of his bag, quickly covering himself with his pajamas. Luckily, nobody noticed and Nick slunk beneath the covers of his sleeping bag.

Mikey felt very little shame, as he had shared a room with Matt for most of his life. He took his time putting on his pajamas, wondering if he should try and go pee before bed or if he would be okay. He decided against, as his feet were cold and he was tired. Mikey slipped on his pajama pants and curled up on the bunk below his brother.

Matt jumped down from his bunk. “Mikey, aren’t you gonna brush your teeth?” Matt asked.

“Um, no,” Mikey replied.

“Okay? What about… you know…”

Mikey looked confused.

“Aren’t you gonna go pee?” Matt whispered, “Just in case?”

“No!” Mikey hissed, “I don’t have to go.”

Matt rolled his eyes. “Don’t make me say I told ya so,” he warned as he and Jeremy made their way to the bathroom for their final trip of the evening.

“It’s lights out in ten minutes, boys. If any of you need to use the facilities, brush your teeth, or have a quick shower, now’s the time,” Peter warned.

Mikey pulled the sleeping bag over his head and shut his eyes. Camp was definitely tiring.

When the rest of the boys came back and Peter shut off his flashlight, Mikey felt like maybe he should’ve gone to the bathroom after all. But it wasn’t too bad. He could probably make it until morning. It was too late now.

Mikey woke up to the excruciating and desperate urge to pee. He flung himself out of bed and walked as fast as he could to the bathroom, holding on with both hands. He was relieved to have made it all night, but at the same time he was afraid he wouldn’t make it to the toilet in time. He held as tightly as he could and thankfully there was a hole in his pajama pants that he could pee out of, because he wasn’t sure if he could get them off. The release was nice and… warm?

Mikey’s eyes jolted open as he felt himself soak his sleeping bag. He gasped heavily and sat up in the pitch black. He looked around to see if anyone was awake, but he couldn’t see anything. He finished going and the sleeping bag was completely soaked. Mikey was shaking with fear. Where would he sleep?! Why had he gotten rid of his GoodNites?! Mikey lay back down and started to cry.

The bunk bed started to shake. Mikey was scared that Peter would find him and yell at him and the camp would send him home.

“Hey, Mikey,” came a familiar whisper from the darkness.

Mikey sniveled, “Matt?”

“Are you okay?” Matt whispered.

“Matt… I… I peed…”

Matt said nothing and came and sat with his brother, “It’s okay. Did Mom pack you another pair of pajamas?”


“Okay, let’s go to the bathroom and you can change and shower… I’ll see if Peter can get you another sleeping bag.”

“N-no… he’ll be mad!”

“It’s fine. It happens,” Matt reassured his little brother. He went over to Peter’s stand alone bed and shook him awake. “Peter…”

“Mmmm what?” Peter groggily shook himself awake.

“My brother wet the bed,” Matt told him, “Can we get him a new sleeping bag?”

“We might have some blankets at the nurse’s station. I don’t have a key though… he’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Sorry,” Peter closed his eyes.

“We’re going to the bathroom to clean Mikey up,” Matt said, “We’ll be back soon.”

“Mm-hmm,” Peter replied, slowly getting up from his bunk to deal with Mikey’s accident.

Matt took his brother’s hand and his backpack and they headed to the bathroom.

“Rinse yourself off in the shower and then put on your new PJs,” Matt commanded.

His little brother was still sobbing.  “I feel sick!”

“Are you gonna puke?”


“Do you need to eat something?  You had next to no dinner.”  Matt handed him the two chicken nuggets he had stashed earlier.  “Seriously, dude, you need to eat.  And next time it’s nearing lights out, go to the friggin’ bathroom.”

“Okay,” he weakly replied.  Mikey wiped the tears from his eyes and scarfed down the cold nuggets.  He then removed his wet pajamas and had a quick shower.


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