Camp White Lake Part 13

Nick woke to the sunrise… totally wet.  A cold sweat trickled down his back.  Had he wet himself the same as little Mikey?  It couldn’t be… he hadn’t wet the bed for years!  He pulled back his sleeping bag and looked down.  His pajama pants were soaked and… sticky.  It wasn’t pee though.  He groaned almost inaudibly and realized Jeremy was looking at him.

“Hey,” Jeremy whispered.


“Did you have one too?”

“One what?”

“You know, dude.  A wet dream.”

“Um… no?”

“Oh my god.  You don’t even know what a… ugh.  Come with me to the bathroom,” Jeremy grumbled.


“God!  Just trust me for five seconds, you loser.”  Jeremy slid off the bunk and Nick followed suit.  Nick followed his mentor into a shower stall and Jeremy turned on the water.  “When did you first start getting them?”

“Getting what?”

“Fucking boners!” Jeremy exclaimed.

“Oh, um, just this week.”

“Thank God I thought I was the only dude here.  Has anyone shown you what to do?  My mom’s boyfriend showed me how to fix it.”


Jeremy pulled down his shorts to reveal his erect penis.  He began to demonstrate for Nick how to jack off.  Jeremy closed his eyes and came quickly.  “I like to think about Katie Lee in a bathing suit.  It helps sometimes.”

Nick was so nervous to try Jeremy’s method.  “So if you do that before you go to sleep, you won’t… wake up like this?”

“Hopefully,” Jeremy replied.  “Mom’s boyfriend says the best way is to put your dick inside a girl…”

Nick shook his head.  The thought of that horrified him.


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