Kyle’s Wet Summer Part 2


Kyle closed the bathroom stall and wiped the tears off of his face. He peeled off his wet shorts and underwear and shoved them into the front pocket of his backpack. He was going to smell like a public bathroom for the whole flight!

“Kyle, hurry up! We’re going to miss the final boarding call!” Cody shouted.

Kyle pulled out his swim trunks and put them on. No time for fancy things like belts or underwear. He still felt like he needed to go pee, but time was running out. “I’m done,” he said, shyly emerging from the stall.

Cody raised an eyebrow. “Swim shorts? Really? Whatever, let’s go.” Cody grabbed his brother’s hand and they headed to their gate, which was about to do final boarding call.

“Just in time,” Kyle gasped. Running wasn’t the kindest thing he could do for his bladder and he had some regrets. He looked back at the bathroom longingly.

“Did you forget something?” Cody asked.

“Uh, no,” Kyle sheepishly lied.

Cody rolled his eyes and handed his brother his boarding pass.

“Aw man, the middle seat?!” Kyle whined.

“Mom booked these like a month ago. The plane is full, so it’s not like we can swap seats,” Cody replied, “I’m sitting in the middle seat in row 18.”

“Mine is 17,” Kyle sighed. He wasn’t looking forward to the claustrophobia of sitting next to two strangers. His stomach burned with anxiety and he almost forgot that he still needed to pee.

Kyle and Cody were the last two passengers to get on the plane. When Kyle found his row, he had to nearly climb over a very large woman who was almost asleep. Thankfully she got up when he politely said, “excuse me.” Once he sat down and buckled himself in, he felt a bit better about the scenario. Nobody had a crying baby or smelled really bad. As the flight attendant came by to check they had their seatbelts on, Kyle put up his hand.

“Yes, sweetie?” the chubby, older attendant asked.

“Can I go to the bathroom?” Kyle didn’t even feel desperate yet, but felt as though now was the best time to go.

“Not until the seatbelt sign is off. We’re about to take off now. Can you wait a few minutes?”

Kyle nodded. He could wait a while still. He sat back in his seat and felt the rumbling of the plane as it began to roll down the runway. It wasn’t the most pleasant feeling for his bladder or his anxious stomach, but Kyle closed his eyes and tried to hold it all in. He crossed his legs, trying not to fidget too much. Maybe he could just hold it for the whole flight?

Cody turned around and peeked over the seat to check on his brother. “You okay?” Cody whispered.

Kyle nodded. He could tell Cody felt bad that they weren’t sitting together. The first time they had come out to see their dad, Kyle was only six and it was over the Christmas break. The boys sat together, sharing the window seat and swapping off every few miles. About an hour into the flight, they hit a storm. The cabin shook so much, Kyle spent most of the flight with his face in a sick bag. The only reason he didn’t coat himself in a soup of his own puke was because Cody was there and ready to help.

Another twinge of desperation struck Kyle’s bladder. He crossed over the opposite leg and breathed out slowly through his nose. The seatbelt sign was still on. How much longer could it stay on for? Weren’t they finished taking off yet? His bladder was steadily swelling and Kyle’s knees knocked together as he trembled slightly.

Kyle leaned forward and grabbed his gameboy out of the side pocket of his backpack and started catching Pokemon again, in another failing attempt to distract himself. He held the B button and ran through the tall grass, fighting another Ratata, crossing his left leg over his right. It had only been a few minutes, and when he looked up, he saw the seatbelt sign was still on. Kyle suppressed a groan and fidgeted again, crossing his legs the opposite way. “I can hold it,” he told himself, as if the statement would aid him in his desperate attempt to silence his bulging bladder.

Finally, with a ding, the seatbelt sign shut off. “Whew!” Kyle thought as he nearly sprang out of his seat. Standing up made the pressure in his crotch even more unbearable, so he took care to steady himself. “Uh, sorry, excuse me,” he whispered to the woman sitting in the aisle seat. She opened her eyes groggily.

“Oh, sorry,” she replied. Kyle potty danced on the spot as the woman took her time getting up and letting Kyle out, “My goodness, you look like you’re about to burst…”

Kyle blushed, holding his crotch and snuck by hurriedly. The bathroom was still unoccupied! He could see the home stretch! He felt another spasm and leaked a few drops into his swim trunks, and adjusted himself again as he made his way down the aisle towards freedom.

An older man pushed in front of him and got to the bathroom door first. Kyle was forced to awkwardly wait. He could wait here for a few more seconds… probably. He twisted his right leg around his left, trying hard to not have to grab his penis in front of the flight attendants, but his begging bladder wouldn’t let up. Kyle winced and held himself for a few seconds to prevent another leak. He wished the guy in the toilet would hurry up! Didn’t he know other people had to pee? Kyle began to tap his foot impatiently. The rhythm helped him forget how badly he needed to go.

Suddenly, the plane hit some turbulence. Kyle hung onto the aisle seat closest to him and crossed his legs tightly. The man emerged from the bathroom, and just as Kyle was about to finally go in and relieve the burning pressure, a freckled flight attendant grasped his shoulder and said, “You need to return to your seat, hun. Just until the turbulence subsides.”

“B-but… I really-”

“We just need you to stay safe during the flight, hun.”

Kyle grabbed his crotch and slowly made his way back to his seat. The large woman let him back in and instantly fell asleep, while Kyle’s legs danced uncomfortably and the pressure continued to build up in his privates. He didn’t even want to turn on his Gameboy as he prayed desperately that the seatbelt sign would dim and he could finally go pee.

Cody turned around and saw his little brother having a very uncomfortable time. “You good, dude?”

It was all Kyle could do to shake his head, no. He winced and leaned forward as far as he could.

“If you’re gonna puke, you can use the barf bag in the back of the seat,” Cody reassured his brother.

“I…I’m not sick…” Kyle whispered, fidgeting again.

“What’s wrong then?” Cody asked.

“They wouldn’t let me go to the bathroom and now… I just have to go so bad!” Kyle whispered.

“Again?” Cody rolled his eyes.

Kyle dug his hand into his crotch and held himself. He felt like he was about to cry the pressure was so bad. He couldn’t pee his pants again! And he was already almost out of dry clothes.


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