Camp White Lake Part 15

Back at the cabin, Peter was laying down and reading his favourite passages in Leviticus when Nick came running in.  “Peter!  Jason peed his pants!”

Peter sighed deeply.  “Great.  I’ll take care of it.  Matt and Jeremy, can you two lead the rest of the cabin down to the lake for the swim test?  Let the director know I’ll be down after I take Jason to the nurse’s station.”

Jeremy rolled his eyes and Matt shyly pulled a T-Shirt over his boyish body.  He didn’t want to go swimming with Jeremy and Nick.  He felt like a little kid.

Peter headed to the bathrooms where Jason was laying on the floor in a puddle of his own urine, screaming.

“Hey man.  Let’s go get you cleaned up.  I brought some clothes for you for after your shower.  Accidents happen.”

Jason got up slowly, no longer screaming but tears were streaming down.  Peter handed him a towel to wrap around his waist and they walked up to the nurse’s station where there was laundry and a more private shower.

When they got there, Dave was filling in for the nurse, who was taking care of all of Cabin 1, who had somehow all gotten food poisoning from the peanut-free snacks one of them had brought.  “Sup, Peter?” Dave smiled, showing all his teeth.  His sunglasses were still on and he managed to look cool even in an unpleasant place like the medical supply cabin.

“Hey Dave.  Jason just needs to use the shower… we’ll wash his clothes and then we’re heading down to the lake.”

Dave nodded, “Cool man. Yeah, accidents happen.  Usually just to Cabin 1, but… whatever.”

“Shower’s just around the corner, Jason,” Peter gestured, “Just give yourself a quick rinse and put on your new clothes.  We’ll take care of the laundry.”

Jason said nothing.  He was quick to clean himself and quick to leave for the lake.

Dave raised an eyebrow.  “How is it that your preteen cabin has more issues than the six-year-olds?”

Peter snickered.  “I have no idea.”

“And how is it that you and I are on opposite ends of the camp ground but we keep running into each other?”

Peter blushed, “I guess we’re just meant to be…”

Dave grasped Peter’s hand and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Peter closed his eyes and reciprocated with his lips, bringing his body closer.  Their torsos and groins rubbed together awkwardly.

“I want you…” Dave whispered, his hand slowly caressing Peter’s erect penis, just as Reverent Chant pushed open the door.


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