Kyle’s Wet Summer Part 3


Kyle scrunched himself up and tried to keep from trembling.  He was having a hard time breathing now. He had to hold it! He couldn’t have another accident right here in front of these strangers!  He gasped, pressing down hard on his crotch. His bladder was about to burst! His body didn’t care about the impending embarrassment – his pee was coming out regardless of whether he got to the toilet or not.  Kyle bit his lip. He couldn’t keep from squirming desperately now. He wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer now. In a last ditch attempt, he crossed one leg tightly over the other and began to bounce in place.


Kyle wasn’t raised religious, but he found himself praying to God or whomever that the seatbelt light would turn off.  “Please please please let me go to the bathroom!” he silently pleaded. The bouncing he found himself in the midst of was not helping him.  Kyle winced as he felt a tiny trickle of urine dribble out of his pee hole. He grabbed the end of his penis and tried to hold in the dangerously high and violent tides.


Cody turned around and stared at his brother angrily.  “What the hell are you doing?”


Kyle shot his brother a terrified look, continuing to grip his shaft.  “I have to go pee! It’s an emergency!” he said in a harsh whisper.


Cody sighed deeply.  “There’s no way you have to go that bad!  Stop touching yourself! We’re in public, Kyle!  That’s so gross!”


Kyle shook his head.  Didn’t Cody know he was just trying to hold it?  Kyle whimpered and crossed his legs again, his desperate penis held between tight thighs.  Another stream escaped and slithered down his leg.


Cody gasped as he saw his little brother start having another accident.  He quickly passed his little brother a sick bag. “J-just… go in this!” Cody frantically demanded.


The large woman sitting next to Kyle gasped in horror as she witnessed the thirteen year old undo the velcro from his swim shorts.  She shot up from her seat and made an attempt to call for the flight attendant.


Kyle was trying not to cry from the burning pain of holding in all that pee.  He gripped the head of his spurting penis with one hand while undoing the velcro of his shorts with the other.  There was already a large damp spot in his crotch and some of his urine was soaking into the seat of the airplane, but he kept pressing on, trying to aim the stream into the sick bag.


Much to Kyle’s chagrin, the sick bags were not the highest quality and it began to drip.  As he continued to bashfully relieve himself, the seatbelt sign turned off and the flight attendant made her way to Kyle.


“Son, I suggest you get yourself cleaned up.  The bathroom is all yours,” the flight attendant said.


Kyle turned bright red and bit his cheeks.  He was trying so hard not to cry.


Cody turned around, whispering, “It’s okay, Kyle.  We’re almost there…”


Kyle got up from his seat and shamefully walked to the bathroom at the other end of the plane, his accident on display for everyone on the plane.  Kyle opened the door to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet seat. He didn’t even remove his wet swim shorts as he emptied the rest of his pee.  Kyle began to cry. Why hadn’t they just let him go to the bathroom?! Why did this always happen to him?! He buried his face in his hands, letting the tears fall into his already soaked lap.


Kyle heard a knock on the bathroom door.  “Kyle, it’s Cody…”


“Go away!” Kyle shouted.


“Dude… I have some clothes for you.”


Kyle sniffled and opened the door a crack.  His brother handed him a pair of jeans.


“Do you need any help?” Cody asked.


Kyle shook his head.  “I… I’m sorry…”


Cody shrugged.  “It’s not your fault.  Don’t worry about it. The flight attendant was really nice.  She put a cover over your seat and everything. I won’t even tell Dad when we land…”


Kyle couldn’t respond.  There was a lump in his throat and he felt more tears cascade down his cheeks.  He began to whimper and Cody gave his little brother a comforting hug.


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