Kyle’s Wet Summer Part 3


Kyle scrunched himself up and tried to keep from trembling.  He was having a hard time breathing now. He had to hold it! He couldn’t have another accident right here in front of these strangers!  He gasped, pressing down hard on his crotch. His bladder was about to burst! His body didn’t care about the impending embarrassment – his pee was coming out regardless of whether he got to the toilet or not.  Kyle bit his lip. He couldn’t keep from squirming desperately now. He wouldn’t be able to hold on for much longer now. In a last ditch attempt, he crossed one leg tightly over the other and began to bounce in place.


Kyle wasn’t raised religious, but he found himself praying to God or whomever that the seatbelt light would turn off.  “Please please please let me go to the bathroom!” he silently pleaded. The bouncing he found himself in the midst of was not helping him.  Kyle winced as he felt a tiny trickle of urine dribble out of his pee hole. He grabbed the end of his penis and tried to hold in the dangerously high and violent tides.


Cody turned around and stared at his brother angrily.  “What the hell are you doing?”


Kyle shot his brother a terrified look, continuing to grip his shaft.  “I have to go pee! It’s an emergency!” he said in a harsh whisper.


Cody sighed deeply.  “There’s no way you have to go that bad!  Stop touching yourself! We’re in public, Kyle!  That’s so gross!”


Kyle shook his head.  Didn’t Cody know he was just trying to hold it?  Kyle whimpered and crossed his legs again, his desperate penis held between tight thighs.  Another stream escaped and slithered down his leg.


Cody gasped as he saw his little brother start having another accident.  He quickly passed his little brother a sick bag. “J-just… go in this!” Cody frantically demanded.


The large woman sitting next to Kyle gasped in horror as she witnessed the thirteen year old undo the velcro from his swim shorts.  She shot up from her seat and made an attempt to call for the flight attendant.


Kyle was trying not to cry from the burning pain of holding in all that pee.  He gripped the head of his spurting penis with one hand while undoing the velcro of his shorts with the other.  There was already a large damp spot in his crotch and some of his urine was soaking into the seat of the airplane, but he kept pressing on, trying to aim the stream into the sick bag.


Much to Kyle’s chagrin, the sick bags were not the highest quality and it began to drip.  As he continued to bashfully relieve himself, the seatbelt sign turned off and the flight attendant made her way to Kyle.


“Son, I suggest you get yourself cleaned up.  The bathroom is all yours,” the flight attendant said.


Kyle turned bright red and bit his cheeks.  He was trying so hard not to cry.


Cody turned around, whispering, “It’s okay, Kyle.  We’re almost there…”


Kyle got up from his seat and shamefully walked to the bathroom at the other end of the plane, his accident on display for everyone on the plane.  Kyle opened the door to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet seat. He didn’t even remove his wet swim shorts as he emptied the rest of his pee.  Kyle began to cry. Why hadn’t they just let him go to the bathroom?! Why did this always happen to him?! He buried his face in his hands, letting the tears fall into his already soaked lap.


Kyle heard a knock on the bathroom door.  “Kyle, it’s Cody…”


“Go away!” Kyle shouted.


“Dude… I have some clothes for you.”


Kyle sniffled and opened the door a crack.  His brother handed him a pair of jeans.


“Do you need any help?” Cody asked.


Kyle shook his head.  “I… I’m sorry…”


Cody shrugged.  “It’s not your fault.  Don’t worry about it. The flight attendant was really nice.  She put a cover over your seat and everything. I won’t even tell Dad when we land…”


Kyle couldn’t respond.  There was a lump in his throat and he felt more tears cascade down his cheeks.  He began to whimper and Cody gave his little brother a comforting hug.


Desperate Family Part 12


“Are we there yet?” Esther moaned from the back seat.  Her disabled brother, Ezra, was asleep in his chair and her older siblings, Edith and Elias, were both playing their Gameboys and wanted nothing to do with her.


“It’s only been an hour, sweetpea.  We’re only half way to Grandma and Grandpa’s,” replied her mother, Penny.  “You can read your book for a bit or colour…”


Esther sighed deeply, “I’m bored!  Why do we have to go all the way to Grandma and Grandpa’s anyways?”  She looked out the window into the miles and miles of Thanksgiving weekend traffic.


“It won’t be much longer, pumpkin,” her father, Jack, reasoned.  “Either way, I need to stop for gas. You can come and stretch your legs if you’d like.”


Esther perked up for a moment as Jack pulled off the highway.  Her dad usually got her a treat from the convenience store as well.


Penny sighed.  “I’m gonna go for a pee.  Anyone else?” Elias and Edith got up from their seats and headed off to the bathrooms.


Esther got out of the car but stayed with her dad.  When her mother and siblings were out of sight, she quickly asked, “Daddy, can I have a treat from the store?”


“Of course, pumpkin.  But you have to share with your siblings if they find out,” Jack smiled and gave his youngest daughter a five dollar bill that Esther promptly spent on a can of pink cream soda.


“Thanks Daddy,” Esther said, slipping the change back into his pocket.


“Do you need to use the bathroom before we take off?  There might not be another chance before we get to Grandma and Grandpa’s…” Jack warned.  He knew how Esther could be in these situations, especially given the can of soda she was going to likely drink in the next few minutes.


“Nope, I’m fine,” Esther replied, certain of her predicament.


“Are you sure, Ess?  You don’t want to just try?”


Esther rolled her eyes, “Dad!”


Jack sighed.  He went inside to pay for the gas and the family headed back to the highway.


Esther downed the cream soda before her siblings even put on their seatbelts.  She was crafty at hiding snacks and not having to share. It was a trick she had learned in being a younger sibling and it had served her well in her short life.


Only minutes had gone by before boredom set in and the grey highway mixed with the grey sky made Esther feel as though she were trapped in an infinite bubble of boredom.  She tried to colour, but it didn’t hold her attention for more than a few minutes. Reading wasn’t a great idea either, as it made her nauseous. She looked at Ezra, who was still asleep and drooling a bit.  She wished she could fall asleep, but the sugar rush from the soda she had just downed was going to prevent that for a while.


“Are we there yet?” Esther moaned.


“We still have nearly an hour left, sweetpea,” Penny reminded her daughter, “Did you want to do a puzzle?”


Esther sighed, “Okay.”  She sifted through the activity books that were kept in the netted back pocket of the middle seat.  Jack and Penny tried their best to have things for their children to do during car trips. Esther had proven to be the least occupiable of their four (soon to be six) children.


Esther hastily completed the mazes and word searches of her activity book as if quickly finishing them would make them arrive at their destination earlier than anticipated.  As Esther worked away, the traffic on the highway slowly impeded their progression. Her attempts to speed up the uneventful journey were fruitless. She put down the colouring book and looked outside again, sighing.


“This is worse than usual,” Penny said to Jack.


“It hasn’t snowed yet this year.  Probably all those Black Friday campers waiting for a deal tomorrow morning,” Jack replied.


“How much longer?” Esther moaned.


“Looks like there’s a bit of a traffic jam, sweetpea.  Not much longer, though, just two more exit signs and we’ll be there,” Penny replied, trying not to sound annoyed by her daughter’s pestering.


Esther went back to her activity book and started a colour by number page.  She was starting to feel uncomfortable. She looked down at the empty soda can she had left in the cup holder and felt instant regret.  Esther shifted in her seat. She didn’t have to go that badly.  She focused her attention back to the maze.  Just two more exits. Just two more! Esther felt the family van creep along the highway slowly, as if it was taunting her.  Shouldn’t have gotten that soda! Should’ve gone pee at the gas station! Esther swallowed hard and shifted to the front of the seat.  She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She could hold it for just two more exits.


The minutes ticked by, feeling like hours as the pressure was building in Esther’s small bladder.  She was getting really desperate now, jiggling her legs frantically. Cold sweat had formed on her back.  The van had barely moved and she felt like she could lose control at any minute.


Elias turned around and angrily glared at Esther.  “Stop kicking the seat! God you’re so annoying!”


Esther stopped jiggling her legs and crossed them, tightly squeezing herself.  It wasn’t a great solution, but it was better than the alternative.


Penny turned around, “Elias, don’t treat your sister like that.  You can politely ask her to stop.”


Elias sighed and begrudgingly apologized to his desperate little sister.


“Mommy… how much longer?” Esther squeaked.


“Not too much longer.  The traffic is letting up just ahead.  Are you alright, sweetpea?”


Esther shook her head.  “I… I have to go pee…”


“It won’t be too much longer, sweetpea.  Can you hold it for just a few more minutes?”


“I don’t know,” Esther admitted.  She was at the brink of peeing her pants.  The soda had gone right through her and one wrong move could end in wet pants.  Esther adjusted her position again, digging her heel into her crotch. This was one of the last tricks she could think of to keep from having an accident.  She leaned back in her seat and tried to stay still. The second to last exit sign slowly faded away.


“Just a little longer, pumpkin.  Just hold on,” Jack tried to reassure his daughter.


Esther didn’t respond.  She had to adjust her position again, leaning forward with thighs pressed together.  She hiked up her skirt and pulled her tights and underwear tight to her body, trying to plug herself.  Nothing was working, though. A few drops of urine escaped and soaked her underwear. Esther gasped. “Daddy!  I have to go pee right now!”


“We’re almost there, Ess, I need you to hang on for just a little longer.”


“Daddy it’s an emergency!” Esther shouted.


“Esther, we’re in the middle of the highway.  There is nowhere for you to go pee. Please try and hold it until we get off the highway.”


Esther felt hot tears pour down her cheeks, but she refused to let out a whimper.  She tried to hold it, but spurts of urine began to escape from her bursting urethra.  She couldn’t hold it anymore and her pee started to seep down her legs, soaking into the carpeted chairs of their family van, forming a pool under her and wetting her skirt.


When Jack finally pulled off the highway, he made a quick pit stop at the nearest gas station.  “Okay, Esther. You can use the bathroom now.”


Esther stood up from her seat, her skirt completely soaked through.  She began to cry. “I told you it was an emergency!” she wailed.

Desperate Family Part 11


“Hurry up, Taylor!  We have to finish this block before nine!” Esther demanded.

Taylor tried to hurry but she was having a hard time keeping up with Esther and Annie.  She really needed to use the bathroom. Taylor wadded her stockings up and held herself for a minute.  She could hold it for a bit longer. They were almost home…

“Taylor!  Come ON!” Esther whined.

Annie looked back at her little sister, who was holding herself tightly as she shuffled down the block.  “Taylor, do you have to go pee?”

Taylor nodded.

“We’re almost home,” Annie tried to reassure her sister.  She would never let on, but Annie also needed to go.

Taylor stopped for a minute, letting her sister and Esther get ahead.  Her bladder was giving up and she felt a wet spurt leak into her underwear.  Taylor whimpered. “I have to go to the bathroom!” she whined to herself, trying not to cry.  She wished she hadn’t drank a whole can of orange soda right before they left to go trick-or-treating.

“Come on!” Esther demanded, looking back at struggling Taylor, “You can go to the bathroom as soon as we get home, which will be sooner if you move!”

Taylor sniffled and trudged on, feeling another burst of pee drench her crotch and begin to soak into the fabric of her costume.  Taylor plugged herself and did a very dire potty dance as the three girls walked the final block of their neighbourhood. She was glad it was so dark outside and the leotard of her cat costume was completely black, or everyone would see she’d had an accident.  Taylor looked longingly at her house, which was just at the end of the street.

“Just a few more houses to go,” Annie shakily told her little sister, “You can make it.”

Taylor winced and tightened her hold.  She felt herself leak a few more drops.  Taylor gasped. “Annie… I have to go so badly!  Can we please please please go home!” she cried, her knees trembling together, trying not to wet her pants.

Taylor noticed her sister was barely holding on herself.  Annie was trying to disguise it, but she was doing an elaborate potty dance, crossing her leg over and behind, bouncing in time to music that didn’t exist.

“I can’t believe you two are going to go chicken out,” Esther groaned.  “I guess I’ll just trick or treat by myself if you two have to pee so bad…”

“Esther, my sister is about to pee her pants!  My mom will kill me if she ruins that costume…”

Esther wasn’t listening; she was already at the next door waiting for treats.

“Let’s make a run for it,” Annie said.

Taylor shook her head and began to cry.  “I can’t hold it anymore!” she blubbered.  Still trying to plug herself, she felt the looming wetness soak through her leotard.  As Taylor began to walk home, she felt her bladder spasm and slowly empty like a hot river down her legs, pooling in her shoes and socks as she cried.

The Rehearsal

It was a beautiful night on the night of David and Aimee’s wedding. There was smoking, drinking, and even the odd fuck in the upstairs rooms of the Boulevard Hotel. Mostly there was talk of Aimee’s first husband, Chuck, who had died in a freak truck accident the previous year. But somehow, mysterious as it is, Aimee ended up finding David on the day of Chuck’s death. She was sad, yet enchanted that she had a new man so soon and was almost positive that she would spend the rest of her life with him.

“Oh! Cally! Do I look alright?” Aimee asked her best friend.

“I so wish I were you! You look so beautiful!” Cally replied.

“Why do you guys care so much about this wedding? Its only going to last, like three days!” David’s sister, Shauna protested.

“Shauna! How dare you say that! That’s so mean!” Cally told her.

“Where are my three flower girls and the ring bearer?” Aimee inquired in a stressed voice.

“Uh, I didn’t think they were coming,” Cally replied.

“…But I told them to come for the rehearsal! How dare they not come?” Aimee cried.

“Did someone say flower girls?” Julie, the mother of two of the little girls asked as she walked in.

“Oh! Thank goodness you’re here! I was about to give up on it!” Aimee cried with thankfulness.

“I’m sorry we’re late,” Julie said. Aimee smiled as she looked down on the two flower girls, Antoinette and Theodora. She decided not to start the rehearsal until Jerome showed up with Teresa (her third flower girl), Jayne showed up with Nick (her ring bearer) and her second bride’s maid.

“Hey, Aimee! We’re here!” Jayne cried, as she ran toward Aimee, who was her sister, by the way and they hugged each other.

“What about us?” Jerome said, right on cue. He was holding his daughter, Teresa. Then, Olivia (her second bride’s maid) quietly slipped in.

“Excellent!” Aimee squealed, “Now we can start!”

“I have to…” Nick began, but no one heard.

“Now, first, Antoinette, you walk down the aisle, okay? Then Theo follows after she is half way down the aisle, then Teresa, you can go when Theo is half way down the aisle. Then, when Teresa is at the end of the aisle, Olivia can come, and after her, Shauna, and then Cally, then, I go, and finally Nick goes. Got it?” Aimee explained.

“Uh huh,” everyone replied. Then the music began to play.

“Antoinette! Go, now, please,” urged Aimee, then Theo, Teresa, Olivia, Shauna, Cally and Aimee went. Then it was Nick’s turn. He was sweating and he was afraid. He also had to go to the washroom quite badly and the fright made it worse. But Nick went down the aisle as fast as possible.

“Nick! Not so fast! Please go back and do it again!” Aimee told him. So he did, but he still had to go to the washroom, just as badly, if not worse. So little Nick scrunched his legs together and tried his best to hold the urine in while walking. And that was difficult because he had had a lot of sodas that day. Nick began walking, or what seemed to be walking, down the aisle of a sort of doom, for when Nick got to the middle, he just couldn’t hold it in anymore. He dropped the pillow and grabbed his penis instead. Then he crouched down on the ground, with his legs crossed over each other and his hands holding and began to wet his pants.

“I peed my pants!” Nick sobbed.

Aimee stared angrily at her ring bearer. “Now we’ll have to do it all over again, damn it!”

“Nicholas Dillon James Wilson! Do you know how much we paid for that tuxedo?! Do you know how much it will cost to get that dry-cleaned?!!” his mother shouted.

Nick started to cry as his mother continued to yell at him. He was so embarrassed!

“After this rehearsal we’re going straight home and you’re going to think about what you’ve done! Honestly, ruining an important rehearsal like this!”

The little boy wiped the tears from his eyes and went back to the starting place.

They rehearsed for about two hours, and then it was time to go home.

Jayne grabbed her son’s hand firmly and dragged him out to the station wagon. “Don’t sit on the seats! I’ll get you a towel. I can’t have you ruining my nice new car!”

The small boy sighed heavily and tried to hold back his tears. He couldn’t figure out why his mother was so cruel to him. It wasn’t his fault! …Was it?

The Christmas Concert

“Oh, don’t you look sweet Timmy?” said Carolyn as she flattened out his little suit for the Christmas concert. “My little man…”

“Carolyn, it’s time to go!” Doug called from the next room.

Carolyn grabbed Timmy’s hand and pulled him out to the car. She didn’t even ask if he needed to go potty. She was too busy and they were going to be late! They buckled him into the car and sped off to the school where the annual concert would be held. This was Timmy’s first one and Carolyn and Doug wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Carolyn looked back at her five-year-old son and smiled at him, “You’re going to be great sweet heart,” she told him. Even though he would only be standing there singing off-key like the rest of the kids, she felt the need to recognize his bravery. She wouldn’t be caught dead singing in front of an audience, even if it was with a choir.

Timmy was wiggling in the back seat, fiddling with his jacket. “You nervous, bud?” Carolyn asked.

The boy shrugged and continued to wiggle. He wasn’t much for talking.

When they finally got to the school, they sent Timmy off to his classroom and grabbed a seat near the front. Doug took out the video camera and turned it on to check that it was working. The other parents were doing the same thing. Carolyn smiled, “Oh Doug, I’m so excited! Timmy’s going to be great.”

“Mhm,” Doug replied, fiddling with the camera.

Then the kids came out on stage. The kindergarten class was large this year, but Timmy was visible in his spot at the centre of the front row. The teacher smiled and stepped up to the microphone. Her name was Miss McTavish, a skinny little lady from the south. Doug had a slight attraction to her, though he could never tell his wife. The young teacher spoke in a disguised accent, “Welcome to the Handler Memorial Elementary Kindergarten Christmas Concert! We’re going to be singing some classics, some modern, some religious, and some secular tunes, so keep an open mind. Without further ado, we’ll start with Jingle Bells!” The piano chimed; it was out of tune, though it didn’t matter for most of the children couldn’t sing well enough to understand.

Carolyn smiled as she watched her nervous little boy sway back and forth as he sang Jingle Bells with his hands in his pockets. “He’s looking quite nervous,” whispered Carolyn.

“Mhm,” Doug replied, zooming in on Miss McTavish’s breasts.

Jingle Bells ended swiftly and they were onto Up on the Housetop. Timmy was getting more and more fidgety. He looked uncomfortable. “Do you suppose that suit was too small for him?”

“I don’t know, Carolyn. He’s probably just freaked out with all these people looking at him.”

“Oh shit…”

“What?” Doug asked, pulling away from the camera.

“I forgot to take him to the bathroom before we came.”

“You think he’s got to go?”

“Damn! We can’t just grab him, can we?”

Doug shrugged, “Let’s just wait. If he gets desperate we’ll grab him.”

“But what if he has an accident up there?”

“He won’t, Carolyn.”

The two continued to watch their son dance and wiggle along to Silent Night and then Heron Carol. Little Timmy was getting anxious. He was squeezing his legs together and getting right into the ‘pee-pee dance’. Then he stuffed his hand down his pants and held his crotch tightly.

“Oh Doug, look at him! He’s going to pee his pants!” Carolyn got up and grabbed her son, rushing him out of the auditorium.

“Mommy I have to go pee-pee! I have to go really bad, right now!”

“It’s going to be okay sweetie, just hold it a little longer.”

“Mommy I really really have to go!”

Down the corridor, Carolyn saw the door to the washroom. She burst through the door of the boys’ room. All stalls were occupied, so she hurriedly tried to pull down Timmy’s pants. “Honey I need you to let go for a sec so you can go potty.”

Timmy whimpered, removing his hand. He started dancing again; a feeble attempt at staying dry. “Hurry Mommy!” he whimpered,”I can’t hold it anymore!”

Carolyn pulled down her son’s pants, revealing his suddenly soaked underwear. Timmy began to cry as the pee ran down his legs, drenching his shoes, socks, and dress pants.

Camp White Lake Part 15

Back at the cabin, Peter was laying down and reading his favourite passages in Leviticus when Nick came running in.  “Peter!  Jason peed his pants!”

Peter sighed deeply.  “Great.  I’ll take care of it.  Matt and Jeremy, can you two lead the rest of the cabin down to the lake for the swim test?  Let the director know I’ll be down after I take Jason to the nurse’s station.”

Jeremy rolled his eyes and Matt shyly pulled a T-Shirt over his boyish body.  He didn’t want to go swimming with Jeremy and Nick.  He felt like a little kid.

Peter headed to the bathrooms where Jason was laying on the floor in a puddle of his own urine, screaming.

“Hey man.  Let’s go get you cleaned up.  I brought some clothes for you for after your shower.  Accidents happen.”

Jason got up slowly, no longer screaming but tears were streaming down.  Peter handed him a towel to wrap around his waist and they walked up to the nurse’s station where there was laundry and a more private shower.

When they got there, Dave was filling in for the nurse, who was taking care of all of Cabin 1, who had somehow all gotten food poisoning from the peanut-free snacks one of them had brought.  “Sup, Peter?” Dave smiled, showing all his teeth.  His sunglasses were still on and he managed to look cool even in an unpleasant place like the medical supply cabin.

“Hey Dave.  Jason just needs to use the shower… we’ll wash his clothes and then we’re heading down to the lake.”

Dave nodded, “Cool man. Yeah, accidents happen.  Usually just to Cabin 1, but… whatever.”

“Shower’s just around the corner, Jason,” Peter gestured, “Just give yourself a quick rinse and put on your new clothes.  We’ll take care of the laundry.”

Jason said nothing.  He was quick to clean himself and quick to leave for the lake.

Dave raised an eyebrow.  “How is it that your preteen cabin has more issues than the six-year-olds?”

Peter snickered.  “I have no idea.”

“And how is it that you and I are on opposite ends of the camp ground but we keep running into each other?”

Peter blushed, “I guess we’re just meant to be…”

Dave grasped Peter’s hand and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Peter closed his eyes and reciprocated with his lips, bringing his body closer.  Their torsos and groins rubbed together awkwardly.

“I want you…” Dave whispered, his hand slowly caressing Peter’s erect penis, just as Reverent Chant pushed open the door.