Camp White Lake

It’s Mikey’s first year at Camp White Lake.  He is joined by a group of boys his brother, Matt’s age.  Mikey is hoping he can stop wetting the bed this summer, as he feels embarrassed by the GoodNites his mother packed into his sleeping bag.  Meanwhile, Matt has discovered that his friends at camp have hit puberty this summer.  He has yet to see any changes in himself so far and he worries that he will be a kid forever.  Can Mikey beat bedwetting?  Will Matt catch up to the other boys?

Part 1: Matt And Jeremy And Frustrating Little Brothers

Part 2: Chris And Jason And Gameboy Games

Part 3: Mikey Likes Music

Part 4: Nick Needs To Go

Part 5: Robbing The Tuck Shop

Part 6: Grow Up, Matt Hooper

Part 7: Peter And Dave Forever

Part 8: Good Night To The GoodNites

Part 9: Disgusting Dinner

Part 10: Beating The Queen

Part 11: Candy Upchuck Waterfall

Part 12: GoodNite, Sweet Mikey

Part 13: Wet Dreams, Wet Bed

Part 14: F1 Racing vs. The Urinal

Part 15: Peter And Dave Forever And Ever