Liza And Her Sisters
Elizabeth (Liza) Williams, 11, the oldest of three girls, who is conflicted by whether she should be more of a mother to her unruly little sisters or if she should be her own person. At the edge of puberty, she feels she needs to grow up sooner rather than later.
Coraline (Cora) Williams, 8, the shyer of the twins, unlikely to ask for anything or do anything for herself including using the bathroom.
Cassandra (Casey) Williams, 8, the more dominant of the twins, acting as her sister’s voice and commander most of the time.
Charmaine Williams, 46, a very stressed out, older mom to the three girls. She becomes agitated if anything goes awry and is enraged by Cora’s inability to speak up for herself.
Darren Williams, 50, father to Liza, Cora, and Casey. He mostly keeps to himself and doesn’t like to get in Charmaine’s way even when she’s wrong.

Kyle’s Wet Summer
Kyle Rearden, 13, an anxious and incontinent young man who resents his father for leaving the family and has very little desire to have a relationship with his dad’s new family.
Cody Rearden, 16, Kyle’s somewhat protective older brother. He just learned to drive and is desperate to steal his dad’s Jeep and pick up girls.
Suzanne Beauchamp, 45, mother of Kyle and Cody, divorced from Lorne.
Lorne Rearden, 47, father of Kyle, Cody, and Sage, married to Bonnie.
Bonnie Pilon, 26, mother of Sage, married to Lorne.
Sage Rearden-Pilon, 6mo, half-sister to Kyle and Cody.

Desperate Family
Edith Dolman, 11, a self-conscious girl with incontinence issues and some questionable choices in friends (Pearl Black, Ruthie Colborne, and Bea Ambrose).
Elias Dolman, 14, a huge nerd with red wire frame glasses, kind of a jerk, loves Halo and horror movies, best friend is Willis Elliott.
Esther Dolman, 8, a prissy, daddy’s girl who gets whatever she wants, and loves to dance. Her best friend is Addison Elliott and mortal enemy is Flossie Ambrose.
Ezra Dolman, 5, a nonverbal, wheelchair bound, ginger boy with cerebral palsy.
Penelope “Penny” Dolman, 38, a mother to many children. Generally very stressed out, and struggles with Ezra’s condition. She is willing to sacrifice anything for her family.
Jackson “Jack” Dolman, 41, a father to many children with not a lot of job security. He holds it together for his family and is secretly into omorashi.
Ruth “Ruthie” Colborne, 12, a charismatic, beautiful, ginger friend of Edith. Ruthie is the queen bee.
Charles “Chuck” Colborne, 16, Ruthie’s hot, ripped brother.
Philippa Colborne, 40, Ruthie and Chuck’s busybody mother.
Pearl Black, 12, Abrasive, mildly athletic, brown-haired, Jewish friend of Edith.
Jacob Black, 15, Pearl’s alcoholic, punk rock cousin who teaches Elias how to “be a man.”
Beatrice “Bea” Ambrose, 11, Boy crazy, excited friend of Edith. She comes from a poorer family and tends to be a bit shyer.
Francesca “Frankie” Ambrose, 15, Bea’s older sister, a queen bee, the hottest girl in school. Elias and Willis desperately want to date her.
Florence “Flossie” Ambrose, 9, Bea’s younger sister, makes fun of Esther’s incontinence, and tries to steal her best friend.
Willis Elliott, 14, Elias’s best friend, huge nerd with greasy blonde hair, incredibly vulgar.
Addison Elliott, 8, Esther’s best friend, Willis’s sister, secretly wants to be best friends with Flossie and is willing to ditch Esther at any point for someone cooler.
Melody Friedman, 32, a receptionist at Ezra’s physiotherapy office, has twin sons with Down Syndrome, very religious.
Ksenia Gaborovich, 24, Esther’s Russian ballet teacher who refuses to let anyone use the bathroom.
Annabelle “Annie” Hollis, 9, the new shy, blonde girl in Esther’s 4th grade class. They become close friends after Annie has an accident on her first day.
Taylor Hollis, 5, Annie’s little sister who wets herself on Halloween.
Vivian Ireland, 35, Esther’s 4th grade teacher.
Dr. Natasha Lawrence, 46, Penny’s doctor.
Darlene “Grandma” Joblonski, 69, Penny’s mother.
Arnold “Grandpa” Joblonski, 71, Penny’s father.
Heather Kane-Joblonski, 33, Penny’s sister who works with disabled children and sometimes cares for Ezra after school.
Oren Kane, 29, Heather’s husband, doesn’t really like kids; prefers dogs.
Camille Moreau, 30, A mom Penny knows from short stints at the PTA. Her husband died in Afghanistan less than a year ago. She has a hard time holding down a job due to her personal instability. She has a pretty intense distaste for the Dolman family and resents their ability to carry on even with a disabled son and twins on the way. She is also jealous of Penny and Jack’s relationship. Her resentment rubs off on her daughters, who are the same age as Edith and Esther.
Rachael Moreau, 12, Camille’s daughter who is in Edith’s 7th grade class. Proud owner of a Mobo phone.
Rebekah Moreau, 9, Camille’s daughter who is in Esther’s 4th grade class, once known as Barfy Becky.
Marco Nunez, 28, Camille’s internet boyfriend.
Ashleigh Oberman, 12, A wealthy girl in Edith’s class who has her own Mobo phone and exclusively wears name branded track suits.
Olesya Solomon, 39, Olympic gymnast who funded The Solomon Center.
Conner Watts, 12, Ashleigh’s boyfriend, equally wealthy but conforms to “wigger” culture. Another proud owner of a Mobo phone.
Sean Winters, 12, A dork with a puka shell necklace and frosted tips, Conner’s best friend. Another proud owner of a Mobo phone.

Camp White Lake
Matthew (Matt) Hooper, 12, caring older brother to Mikey, insecure because he has yet to hit puberty like his best friend, Jeremy.
Michael (Mikey) Hooper, 9, Matt’s annoying younger brother who still wets the bed.
Jeremy Preston, 13, Matt’s best friend who has just started puberty and is obsessed with sex and girls. He was held back a grade due to behavioral and criminal issues.
Christian (Chris) Chant, 11, overweight, candy-stealing son of the Reverend John Chant.
Jason Vachon, 11, best friend of Chris, mildly autistic, obsessed with his gameboy.
Nicholas (Nick) Lacrosse, 11, a very sheltered boy who has never been to camp and has just hit puberty.
David (Dave) Pearse, 17, the hottest, gayest, male leader at camp; good friend to Peter.
Peter Dixon, 17, leader of Matt and Mikey’s cabin, questioning his sexuality.
Katelyn (Katie) Lee, 13, the hottest girl in Matt and Jeremy’s class.
Jessika (Jessie) Lee, 15, Katie’s hotter, older sister.
Rev. John Chant, 40, Chris’s father, the chaplain of the camp.

The Middle School Meanie
Chelsea Sandberg, 13, a shy and incontinent seventh grader.
Megan Lewis-Taggart, 12, the meanest girl in the seventh grade.
Mr. Sorensen, 50, Chelsea’s strict math teacher.
Cory Nesmith, 13, the cutest boy in the seventh grade.
Sara-Beth Inverness, 12, Megan’s goon.
Rhiannon McLeary, 12, Megan’s other goon.
Jenny Weathers, 14, an eighth grade girl who isn’t super mean.
Elisa Johnstone, 12, Chelsea’s very bookish friend.

Pike’s Peak
Scott Gellar, 9, Mildly incontinent boy who loves skiing and bugging his best friend, Mac.
Allison (Allie) Gellar, 13, Scott’s boy-hungry older sister, best friends with Lizzie.
Jennifer Gellar, 41, Scott and Allie’s mom.
Michael Gellar, 43, Scott and Allie’s dad.
Mackinley (Mac) Carver, 9, Scott’s loud-mouthed, lactose intolerant best friend.
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Carver, 14, Mac’s boy-crazy older sister, best friends with Allie.
Daniel (Danny) Monroe, 9, Andy’s twin brother, very shy but great at Mario Kart.
Andrew (Andy) Monroe, 9, Danny’s twin brother, outgoing, daring, and athletic.
Marco Dimaggio, 15, cutest boy in 10th grade, according to Allie. Kind of perverted.
Laurence Croix, 15, best friend of Marco, secretly gay with Riley to Lizzie’s dismay.
Riley Woodman, 15, friend to Marco, secret boyfriend of Laurence.
Avery Long, 14, Allie and Lizzie’s mortal enemy; she seems popular with the boys.
Christy-Kay Weinberger, 14, Avery’s best friend and crony.