Desperate Family

The Dolman family have had their share of hardships, especially after their son, Ezra, was born with cerebral palsy.  Penny and Jack have their work cut out for them already with four children (and twins on the way).  Will their incontinent daughters, Edith and Esther, ever get the attention they deserve?  Will Jack’s urine fetish end his relationship with Penny?  Will a troubling pregnancy end in healthy twins?

Part 1: A Desperate Road Trip

Part 2: Wet Sheets At A Sleepover

Part 3: Mom’s Risky Day Out

Part 4: Soaked At Splashville

Part 5: Babysitting Or Potty Training

Part 6: Peeing in P.E.

Part 7: Line Ups On Labour Day

Part 8: Nurse Mom Needs A Wee

Part 9: A Ballerina Emergency

Part 10: Sipping Sodas At The Fair

Part 11: Hardly Holding It On Halloween

Part 12: To Grandmother’s House We Really Have To Go