Camp White Lake Part 15

Back at the cabin, Peter was laying down and reading his favourite passages in Leviticus when Nick came running in.  “Peter!  Jason peed his pants!”

Peter sighed deeply.  “Great.  I’ll take care of it.  Matt and Jeremy, can you two lead the rest of the cabin down to the lake for the swim test?  Let the director know I’ll be down after I take Jason to the nurse’s station.”

Jeremy rolled his eyes and Matt shyly pulled a T-Shirt over his boyish body.  He didn’t want to go swimming with Jeremy and Nick.  He felt like a little kid.

Peter headed to the bathrooms where Jason was laying on the floor in a puddle of his own urine, screaming.

“Hey man.  Let’s go get you cleaned up.  I brought some clothes for you for after your shower.  Accidents happen.”

Jason got up slowly, no longer screaming but tears were streaming down.  Peter handed him a towel to wrap around his waist and they walked up to the nurse’s station where there was laundry and a more private shower.

When they got there, Dave was filling in for the nurse, who was taking care of all of Cabin 1, who had somehow all gotten food poisoning from the peanut-free snacks one of them had brought.  “Sup, Peter?” Dave smiled, showing all his teeth.  His sunglasses were still on and he managed to look cool even in an unpleasant place like the medical supply cabin.

“Hey Dave.  Jason just needs to use the shower… we’ll wash his clothes and then we’re heading down to the lake.”

Dave nodded, “Cool man. Yeah, accidents happen.  Usually just to Cabin 1, but… whatever.”

“Shower’s just around the corner, Jason,” Peter gestured, “Just give yourself a quick rinse and put on your new clothes.  We’ll take care of the laundry.”

Jason said nothing.  He was quick to clean himself and quick to leave for the lake.

Dave raised an eyebrow.  “How is it that your preteen cabin has more issues than the six-year-olds?”

Peter snickered.  “I have no idea.”

“And how is it that you and I are on opposite ends of the camp ground but we keep running into each other?”

Peter blushed, “I guess we’re just meant to be…”

Dave grasped Peter’s hand and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Peter closed his eyes and reciprocated with his lips, bringing his body closer.  Their torsos and groins rubbed together awkwardly.

“I want you…” Dave whispered, his hand slowly caressing Peter’s erect penis, just as Reverent Chant pushed open the door.


Camp White Lake Part 14

Chris wasn’t awake yet, but Jason had decided to get up early and practice playing through F1 again.  He knew he would beat Chris, as he always did, but Jason didn’t want to get rusty at games.  As he drove around the loop, he felt the urge to pee growing.  Jason grabbed his crotch desperately, but couldn’t face losing this round.  He fell behind a few cars and wiggled around in his sleeping bag.

Peter looked over at Jason playing his game.  “Hey man, you’re taking that race pretty seriously.”

“Gotta win,” Jason gritted his teeth.  He took one hand off the Gameboy to adjust his crotch, falling behind even more.  Jason was losing both battles, but the race was nearly over.

“Hey Jason, do you need to go to the bathroom?” Peter queried.

“In a minute,” Jason grunted, “Gotta win.”

“Dude, you look like you really have to go.  You sure you don’t wanna just hit pause?  We’ve got a while before breakfast.”

“No!” Jason shouted, kicking off the covers of his sleeping bag, revealing his wriggling, desperate frame.  Tears were running down his rosy cheeks.  Jason felt himself losing control and shoved a hand down his pajama pants.  He hit the accelerate button with his nose; he couldn’t see the screen but knew the course off by heart.  “Ughh,” he grunted.  He had made it to the end of the race… albeit in last place.  He set down the Gameboy and got up to go to the bathroom, dancing vigorously with both hands holding his privates.  Jason headed to the bathrooms and when he got there, the other boys had taken all of the stalls.  The urinals were free, but Jason couldn’t go in front of other boys.  The pee-pee dance was no longer helping him hold it in.  He knocked on the door of one of the stalls, “I have to go to the bathroom!” he shouted.

“Hold your horses!” another boy shouted back.

“No!  I have to go to the bathroom!” Jason awkwardly screamed, “I have to go right now!”  He shut his eyes and scrunched his legs together.  “Hurry up!  I have to go pee!”  His heart was pounding.  He tried to scrunch himself smaller and smaller but the ache between his legs was growing.  A stream of urine shot down his leg.  Then another.  And another.  Jason let loose just as Nick emerged from the toilet stall.  Jason screamed and began to cry.

Jeremy came out from the one next to him. “Whoa, what the fuck?  That weird kid pissed himself, but there’s urinals right there.”

Nick said nothing and walked back to Cabin 6 with Jeremy in tow.

Camp White Lake Part 13

Nick woke to the sunrise… totally wet.  A cold sweat trickled down his back.  Had he wet himself the same as little Mikey?  It couldn’t be… he hadn’t wet the bed for years!  He pulled back his sleeping bag and looked down.  His pajama pants were soaked and… sticky.  It wasn’t pee though.  He groaned almost inaudibly and realized Jeremy was looking at him.

“Hey,” Jeremy whispered.


“Did you have one too?”

“One what?”

“You know, dude.  A wet dream.”

“Um… no?”

“Oh my god.  You don’t even know what a… ugh.  Come with me to the bathroom,” Jeremy grumbled.


“God!  Just trust me for five seconds, you loser.”  Jeremy slid off the bunk and Nick followed suit.  Nick followed his mentor into a shower stall and Jeremy turned on the water.  “When did you first start getting them?”

“Getting what?”

“Fucking boners!” Jeremy exclaimed.

“Oh, um, just this week.”

“Thank God I thought I was the only dude here.  Has anyone shown you what to do?  My mom’s boyfriend showed me how to fix it.”


Jeremy pulled down his shorts to reveal his erect penis.  He began to demonstrate for Nick how to jack off.  Jeremy closed his eyes and came quickly.  “I like to think about Katie Lee in a bathing suit.  It helps sometimes.”

Nick was so nervous to try Jeremy’s method.  “So if you do that before you go to sleep, you won’t… wake up like this?”

“Hopefully,” Jeremy replied.  “Mom’s boyfriend says the best way is to put your dick inside a girl…”

Nick shook his head.  The thought of that horrified him.

Camp White Lake Part 12

Chris was already asleep in his bed by the time the rest of Cabin 6 got back to their bunks. Dave dropped the boys off and said a quick “good night” to Peter before heading back to his cabin. Matt and Jeremy were quietly snickering about Chris’s unfortunate puke incident. Mikey looked uncomfortable and shy, but Nick had slowly become friends with the youngest member of the cabin and was showing him how to make cat’s cradle with some string he kept in his pocket. Jason was very excited to get back to his Gameboy and barely noticed his best friend was already basically unconscious.

Mikey could barely concentrate on what Nick was showing him – he was regretting throwing away all of his GoodNites. What if he was still a bedwetter?

Nick grabbed Mikey’s hands and tried to show him how to fix the knots he had created, “Like this.”

“I’m tired. Maybe we can try tomorrow,” Mikey whispered as he let go of the string. He went to his backpack and looked for his pajamas.

Nick put the string in his pocket and found his pajamas. He removed his shirt and his pants… and discovered the sticky mess in his underwear had happened again. It wasn’t as bad as earlier, but it was still unpleasant. He shyly hid his body and tossed the underwear in the bottom of his bag, quickly covering himself with his pajamas. Luckily, nobody noticed and Nick slunk beneath the covers of his sleeping bag.

Mikey felt very little shame, as he had shared a room with Matt for most of his life. He took his time putting on his pajamas, wondering if he should try and go pee before bed or if he would be okay. He decided against, as his feet were cold and he was tired. Mikey slipped on his pajama pants and curled up on the bunk below his brother.

Matt jumped down from his bunk. “Mikey, aren’t you gonna brush your teeth?” Matt asked.

“Um, no,” Mikey replied.

“Okay? What about… you know…”

Mikey looked confused.

“Aren’t you gonna go pee?” Matt whispered, “Just in case?”

“No!” Mikey hissed, “I don’t have to go.”

Matt rolled his eyes. “Don’t make me say I told ya so,” he warned as he and Jeremy made their way to the bathroom for their final trip of the evening.

“It’s lights out in ten minutes, boys. If any of you need to use the facilities, brush your teeth, or have a quick shower, now’s the time,” Peter warned.

Mikey pulled the sleeping bag over his head and shut his eyes. Camp was definitely tiring.

When the rest of the boys came back and Peter shut off his flashlight, Mikey felt like maybe he should’ve gone to the bathroom after all. But it wasn’t too bad. He could probably make it until morning. It was too late now.

Mikey woke up to the excruciating and desperate urge to pee. He flung himself out of bed and walked as fast as he could to the bathroom, holding on with both hands. He was relieved to have made it all night, but at the same time he was afraid he wouldn’t make it to the toilet in time. He held as tightly as he could and thankfully there was a hole in his pajama pants that he could pee out of, because he wasn’t sure if he could get them off. The release was nice and… warm?

Mikey’s eyes jolted open as he felt himself soak his sleeping bag. He gasped heavily and sat up in the pitch black. He looked around to see if anyone was awake, but he couldn’t see anything. He finished going and the sleeping bag was completely soaked. Mikey was shaking with fear. Where would he sleep?! Why had he gotten rid of his GoodNites?! Mikey lay back down and started to cry.

The bunk bed started to shake. Mikey was scared that Peter would find him and yell at him and the camp would send him home.

“Hey, Mikey,” came a familiar whisper from the darkness.

Mikey sniveled, “Matt?”

“Are you okay?” Matt whispered.

“Matt… I… I peed…”

Matt said nothing and came and sat with his brother, “It’s okay. Did Mom pack you another pair of pajamas?”


“Okay, let’s go to the bathroom and you can change and shower… I’ll see if Peter can get you another sleeping bag.”

“N-no… he’ll be mad!”

“It’s fine. It happens,” Matt reassured his little brother. He went over to Peter’s stand alone bed and shook him awake. “Peter…”

“Mmmm what?” Peter groggily shook himself awake.

“My brother wet the bed,” Matt told him, “Can we get him a new sleeping bag?”

“We might have some blankets at the nurse’s station. I don’t have a key though… he’ll have to wait until tomorrow. Sorry,” Peter closed his eyes.

“We’re going to the bathroom to clean Mikey up,” Matt said, “We’ll be back soon.”

“Mm-hmm,” Peter replied, slowly getting up from his bunk to deal with Mikey’s accident.

Matt took his brother’s hand and his backpack and they headed to the bathroom.

“Rinse yourself off in the shower and then put on your new PJs,” Matt commanded.

His little brother was still sobbing.  “I feel sick!”

“Are you gonna puke?”


“Do you need to eat something?  You had next to no dinner.”  Matt handed him the two chicken nuggets he had stashed earlier.  “Seriously, dude, you need to eat.  And next time it’s nearing lights out, go to the friggin’ bathroom.”

“Okay,” he weakly replied.  Mikey wiped the tears from his eyes and scarfed down the cold nuggets.  He then removed his wet pajamas and had a quick shower.

Camp White Lake Part 11

After Vespers, the boys were tramping through the forest towards the nearby fire pit for their nightly camp fire.

Chris’s stomach was starting to feel even queasier as he waddled behind the rest of his cabin. He wanted to ask Peter if he could go back to the cabin and lay down but Peter seemed preoccupied talking to Cabin 1’s leader, Dave. He closed his eyes and held his swollen stomach. Jason walked quickly in front of him, not even noticing Chris’s discomfort. Chris needed to stop. He was sure he was going to throw up; he crouched down and lowered his head. He shut his eyes; the nauseous feeling ceased completely. Chris got back up and took a deep breath, “whew.” He waddled over to where his cabin was sitting.

“Where were you?” Nick asked, “We thought a bear got you!”

“Oh, um, I needed to take a whiz so…”

“You peed in the forest?” Nick looked concerned.

“Yeah, it’s not a big deal.”

The look on Nick’s face didn’t change at all; he was definitely one of those kids who didn’t get out much… thankfully he believed Chris’s story.

Peter went up to the fire and began leading the boys in a round of “Alice the Camel.” When he finished teaching the new boys that one, Peter invited Chris to come up and help lead a round of “Head and Shoulders.”

Chris got up from his seat and went up next to Peter. He immediately felt sick again. He had to stop doing the actions for the song; the motions were not kind to his queasy tummy. Chris resorted to holding his gut and shutting his eyes. When Peter finally noticed his helper’s predicament, it was too late. Chris leaned over and blew chunks all over the ground below. He took a deep breath and threw up again; this time, it was less chunky and more watery.

“Eww!” the campers exclaimed in harmony.

Peter grabbed Chris’s arm and motioned to Dave to get all the campers organized and back to their cabins in an orderly fashion. He quickly walked with Chris to the bathrooms. “Are you still feeling sick, Chris?”

Chris nodded, “I think I ate too much dinner.”

“We’ll get you some water and clean you up. You’ll be okay in the morning. I can grab you a bucket that we can put next to your bed in case you’re sick during the night,” Peter kindly suggested.

“Thank you,” Chris whispered. He was red with embarrassment. He hoped Jason would still want to be his friend.

Camp White Lake Part 10

After slaving away over the dish pit, Cabin 6 was heading back to their bunks for a bit before Vespers.

“Peter, my dad asked if I could help him with the ceremony tonight…” Chris lied.

“Well, nobody told me that the reverend needed you to help out, but it sounds legit. Take a flashlight with you,” Peter warned.

Chris grabbed his hoodie and large yellow flashlight and gave Peter the thumbs up. “Bye Jason!”

“Okay.” Jason didn’t even look up from his Gameboy. He was trying to beat Queen Metroid and trying to fight off the urge to go to the bathroom.

Chris waddled out the door and turned on the flashlight. It was time to raid the tuck shop before Vespers!

“Alright boys, we have about ten minutes before we have to head up to the lookout for Vespers and then campfire. If any of you need to use the restroom, now’s your chance.”

Mikey quickly got up and headed to the facilities, followed by his brother, Jeremy, and Nick.

“Jason, you don’t need to go?” Peter queried.

“Gotta beat the Queen.”

“Hey man, you should take advantage while you can. The fire pit and the lookout are pretty far from the bathrooms… I just don’t want you to have an accident.”

“In a minute. Gotta beat the Queen.” Jason wiggled around in his bed. Jason hummed in desperation. His stomach gurgled and he could feel himself starting a bowel movement as he delivered the final blow to Queen Metroid. Jason slid off the bed slowly, put the Gameboy on his pillow, and very carefully headed for the bathroom. He felt naked without his games, but Peter had offered him an extra pack of liquorice from the tuck shop for going without the Gameboy during Vespers and Campfire.

Meanwhile, Chris was heading up past the tuck shop’s secret door towards the lookout. He had broken into the secret entrance and was stuffing his pockets full of contraband candy. His stomach was already full after having three helpings at dinner, but there was always room for more gummy worms, chocolate bars, sour keys, and whatever other delicious candies lay beyond the door. Chris knew not to take more than six at a time – someone would notice if there was nothing left and he only had six pockets after all.

He quickly gobbled two chocolate covered marshmallow bars and licked the melted excess off his mouth. They were so delicious. Chris wished he could just eat candy all day long. He looked down at his light-up watch. It was nearly time for Vespers. Chris quickly locked up his secret stash and quickly waddled towards the lookout. Chris was starting to regret having thirds at dinner. His stomach hurt more than usual after a big meal. He closed his eyes for a second and tried to think about anything but throwing up. He breathed in deeply and continued on his way, trying to convince himself it would be okay.

When Chris got to Vespers, his father, Reverend John Chant, was already standing there next to the makeshift giant driftwood cross overlooking the inlet. “You’re late, Christian.”

“Sorry Dad,” Chris gasped.

“Son, I’ve told you this before, you need to take it easy at dinner. I watched you get thirds… I know you’re a growing boy but enough is enough. This is gluttony, Christian.”

Chris stared at his feet, sheepishly. The shame had made his nausea cease and Chris didn’t want to talk about food with his father at all.

John handed his son a sheet of the sermon and the songs Chris would lead. “Son, I don’t mean to be hard on you. If you would rather hang out with your friends than help with Vespers, I understand.”

“It’s fine, Dad. I don’t mind,” Chris mumbled. He really didn’t mind. He just didn’t enjoy when his father guilted him about his supposed gluttony. He wasn’t that bad, was he?

Camp White Lake Part 9

Mikey quietly sat down at Cabin 6’s table next to his older brother and Nick.

“Dude, where were you?” whispered Matt.

“Um, I just had to go to the bathroom,” Mikey lied.

“You do realize that if our whole cabin isn’t here on time, we have to do dishes at the end of dinner, right?”

Mikey looked down at the table in shame.

“Mikey! Glad you could make it!” Peter chimed. “Looks like we’re doing dishes tonight, man.”

Mikey let out a sad, distressed sigh.

“It’s all good, dude. Just means we get our turn out of the way first.” Peter had a commanding power of positivity in his words, like Mikey had heard many times in pastors and preachers at various churches he had been to.

The camp director called up the cabins by number and, slowly but surely, Cabin 6 was called. Jeremy and Matt led the way with Mikey trailing behind them.

“You excited for the rice pudding and bologna sandwiches they serve here, Mikey?” Matt taunted.

Mikey made a vomiting motion. “Eww!”

“Yeah, but instead of raisins in the rice pudding, they’re ants. You need protein, man,” Jeremy chimed.

Mikey’s stomach lurched. The hunger he felt was suddenly nonexistent. He watched his brother and Jeremy fill their dinner plates with chicken strips, and macaroni. Mikey took a spoonful of mash and a full cup of watered down iced tea back to the table.

“Not hungry, Mikey?” Peter asked.

Mikey shook his head, no. He took a meager bite of his mash and gulped down the iced tea. Mikey watched as Jason first lined up exactly five of each vegetable and five chicken strips and ate them meticulously. The other boys hungrily gnawed at the overcooked chicken strips and macaroni with sparing portions of cooked carrots, peas, and mashed potatoes. His stomach gurgled but thinking about ants in rice pudding put him off eating for the rest of their meal.

Matt watched his brother struggling and felt bad. He didn’t really want his kid brother to starve. He pocketed a couple of chicken nuggets for later when Mikey would start whining about being hungry.