Pike’s Peak Part 4

Dreams & Misfortune

Danny woke up with a pressing urge to go.  He felt groggy from sleeping all day and his mouth still tasted like puked up burgers.  He grabbed his crotch and fumbled down the long, dark hallway, feeling the wood panels as he stepped carefully towards his final destination.  He could feel himself losing control and shoved his hand down his pants, trying to cut off the spurts of pee coming from his urethra. Danny had to stop for a moment and adjusted himself, slowly shuffling down the hall, knees knocking together.  He knew he could win this battle… but where in the world was the bathroom? He could’ve sworn it was right between the two bedrooms. He held tighter and took a few more steps. “Andy?” he called out for his brother. Realizing it was futile, he called out again, “Is anyone home?”  He felt some pee leak onto his hand and he continued down the hall. “I really have to go pee,” he whispered into the nothingness. Danny felt a door handle; he tried to jiggle it open, but it wouldn’t budge. “Please hurry!” he shouted to whoever was inside, “I have to go to the bathroom really really bad!”  Danny pee-pee danced in front of the door, hoping that whoever was inside would hurry up. He felt another spurt from his urethra and grimaced. “Please!” he called, grabbing his penis with the other hand. He heard a deep groan from behind the door and it slowly creaked open.

Danny flung the door open and raced inside to see a dank, mouldy looking outhouse.  He shyly looked around. When he stared into the mirror, he saw his mother’s dead, rotting face and he screamed, letting loose all over his pants.

Danny woke up to soaked sheets and Jennifer bursting into his room.

“Sweetie, we need to go take your brother to hospital; he’s fallen and broken his leg,” Jennifer said, matter-of-factly.  “Let’s get you out of those wet clothes and we’ll head up to the landing pad.”

Danny put his head in his hands and started to cry.  He was so scared of his brother getting hurt like his mom had and then never coming back.  He wasn’t even embarrassed about his accident anymore.

“Don’t worry, honey.  Accidents happen. You can just wear a pair of Scott’s pants,” Jennifer reassured him, going in for a hug.

Danny wrapped his arms around Jennifer, remembering how much he missed hugs from his mother.  “Mom,” he whispered, letting tears flow down his cheeks.

Jennifer stroked the boy’s hair whispering, “It’s okay.”


Meanwhile, back on the slopes, Lizzie was trying her hardest to share a mocha with Laurence.  “Oh my gosh, you should totally try it. It’s like a hot chocolate with coffee,” Lizzie explained.

Laurence rolled his eyes, “I don’t share drinks.”

Riley snickered, “Oh, c’mon Laur – she probably doesn’t have herpes or anything.”

Laurence glared at his friend and then looked back at Lizzie, who was surely disappointed.

“Fine.  If you’re not going to take a free drink from a nice girl, we should get going.  Break is only half an hour and I want to try The Widowmaker again,” Riley said, hands on his hips.

“I heard they closed it cause some moron kid broke his leg.  It’s like a crime scene up there right now,” Laurence sighed.

Lizzie grimaced.  She hoped to God it wasn’t Mac; she would never hear the end of it from her parents.

“Ooh, crime scenes?  That sounds amazing! Let’s go!” Riley grabbed Laurence’s hand and they headed up towards the entrance to the Widowmaker.

“Laurence, wait-” Lizzie called, but the boys didn’t hear her.  Lizzie ran after them, desperately hoping Laurence would notice her.


“When do you think Lizzie is coming back?” Marco asked Allie.

“Um… it might be a while.  She’s probably just trying to get Laurence to go out with her.”

Marco suppressed a laugh.  “She doesn’t know?”

Allie shot him a confused look.

“Laurence is… definitely taken.  I’m sure he’ll let her know,” Marco smiled.  “My break’s done in about twenty minutes. Do you wanna go hang out in my family’s cabin?  I’m the only one up here this weekend, so it’ll just be you and I.”

“You came up here alone?” Allie queried.

“Well, yeah.  I got a ride with Riley and his older brother but my parents said I could use the cabin…”

“Wow, cool.”  Allie was amazed that Marco’s parents trusted him like that.  She was certain that Mike and Jennifer would never trust her to be on her own anywhere.  Marco was fifteen, though. Maybe when she was fifteen…

“Let’s go – I really don’t have a lot of time left before the next class of bunny hill babies shows up!” Marco grabbed Allie’s hand and they headed off to his cabin.

Marco unlocked the door and led Allie to his parent’s room.  He pulled back the covers of the queen size bed. “Do you wanna cuddle?”

Allie shrugged uncomfortably.  She had never done any of this before.  Her heart was racing, “Uh….”

“C’mon.  It’ll be nice,” Marco demanded.  He took off his ski pants, revealing his slightly muscular frame and an erect bulge in his long johns.

Allie shyly removed her jacket and ski pants.  She said nothing and hopped into bed with Marco.

He kissed her cheek tenderly and whispered, “I’ve wanted this for so long…” Marco reached around to Allie’s front, feeling her up and down until he discovered the elastic band at the top of her leggings.

Allie gasped and put her hand atop Marco’s in mild resistance, but he fought her and reached down to her nether regions.  Allie squeaked and pulled Marco’s hand away.

“I thought you wanted this!” Marco shouted, “What the hell, Allie?!”

“I didn’t…” Allie started, but she choked up and started to cry.

“Get out!” Marco shouted, throwing her jacket at her.


When Lizzie finally got to the top of the run, she noticed Laurence and Riley standing behind a tree, holding each other in a loving embrace and making out.  She dropped her mocha in shock and loudly gasped. Both boys turned around, cold faces blushing with embarrassment.

“P-please don’t tell my dad…” Laurence whispered.

Lizzie said nothing.


Jennifer lay out some clothes for Scott to wear on the nightstand.  “These are for after your shower when Mac is done in the bathroom,” she told him, “Danny and I are heading to the hospital with Andy.  Dad will take you and Mac and the girls home in a few hours.”

Scott nodded, removing his wet pants and underwear.  “Tell Andy I’m sorry…”

“Sorry for what?”

“For not looking out for him… I told him not to do that run…”

“Honey, it’s not your fault Andy made a bad choice.  He’s going to be fine. You’ll see him back at home soon I’m sure.”  Jennifer kissed her son on the forehead, “Have a nice trip back, love.”

“Bye Danny!  Bye mom!” Scott called as they headed out the door.

It was then that Mac finally emerged from the bathroom.  “Ugh… sorry…” Mac mumbled, “It smells pretty bad…”

Scott snickered, “Guess you’re not gonna have any more hot chocolate…”

Mac glared at his best friend.

“I’m gonna shower,” Scott said, “We have cable if you wanna watch something…”

“Sure, whatever,” Mac replied.

The hot water from the shower made Scott feel great.  He was cold from being wet outside and being clean was one of his favourite feelings.  He closed his eyes and savoured the joy of warmth. When he was done, he covered himself in a towel – not that he cared if Mac saw him nude – but so he could keep warm.  He leafed through the clothes his mom had laid out for him, realizing she hadn’t left him any underwear. He gulped and checked the top drawer. Nothing. Scott was kicking himself now.  He thought he had grown out of Pull Ups. He thought he wouldn’t have to wear them ever again. He wondered if his mom had removed all of his underwear to prove a point. Scott opened the bottom drawer and put on a pair from the pack his parents had bought him last year.

“Hey Scott, how do you change-” Mac gasped as he walked in on his friend pulling on a diaper.