Pike’s Peak Part 3

The Widowmaker

Allie pulled out her phone to check her messages and huffed, “Ugh! Why does Marco have to teach all these little jerks how to ski? Doesn’t he have time for me?”

Lizzie rolled her eyes, “Oh my god, I know; Laurence has spent the last ten minutes just dicking around with Riley Woodman. I mean, they’re both cute, but like… what about us? We’re totally hot right?” Lizzie brushed some snow off her sunset-coloured jacket.

Both girls had crushed on dark, curly-haired Riley Woodman last year, but in order to stay friends, both girls slowly came to resent Riley as if he were a force that would tear the world apart. The boy knew nothing of Lizzie and Allie’s unspoken agreement and watched obliviously as the two tried to hit on his two best friends.

“I know,” Allie smiled, “We should wait until their breaks and then get them to buy us mochas at the coffee stand!”

Lizzie sighed. “I’m totally not waiting for that.” She slowly skied towards the bunny hills. Lizzie stopped for a moment and looked back. “You may as well come with; hiding in the bushes won’t win you Marco Dimaggio!” she teased.

Allie begrudgingly followed. She didn’t want to pretend to learn how to ski; she knew what she was doing. All she really wanted was to share a coffee with Marco and do one of the harder runs with him by her side. Lizzie seemed to think that to get the guys she needed to be a damsel in distress.

As they approached the bunny hill, Marco greeted the two girls with a grin and a welcoming wave. “Allie! Lizzie! ‘Sup?!” he called, gently pushing the last of his line of young kids down the tiny hill.

“Hey Marco!” Allie called, skiing faster towards her crush’s post.

“Didn’t think you’d make it up this weekend,” Marco grinned, showing his perfect teeth.

Allie giggled, blushing cheeks stinging in the cold.

Lizzie rolled her eyes, “Where did Laurence and that jerk Riley run off to?”

Marco shrugged, “Probably off getting another coffee. They didn’t even offer to grab me one…”

“Oh, I’ll go grab one for each of us,” Lizzie offered, winking not-so-subtly at her best friend.

Meanwhile, Scott, Andy, and Mac were standing next to the Widowmaker. They had already tried all of the mid-range slopes and Andy was getting bored. “Come on, guys!” he called.

Scott shook his head, “No way, man. I’m heading back. I drank way too much hot chocolate…”

Mac said nothing, for once. He had been holding it for a while now and intended to head back with Scott before it was too late.

“Well, I’m going for it!” Andy demanded.

“Dude! No! You’re gonna hurt yourself!” Scott protested, “Please, let’s go home!”

“You’re just begging me to go cause you need to pee. Just go in the woods!” Andy shouted back.

Scott shook his head; he really didn’t want Andy to make an attempt to injure himself. “We’re going back. If you get hurt, it’s your own fault.”

Mac felt another twinge of desperation “Scott… I gotta get back. I really gotta go…”

“Me too man. But we can just piss in the bushes. I really don’t want Andy to hurt himself,” Scott warned. He adjusted himself, tugging at his crotch.

Mac shook his head, “No dude… I have to go number two. Like real bad.” Mac clutched his stomach. He knew he shouldn’t have drank that hot chocolate; Mac’s lactose intolerance was something he was still embarrassed by. He winced, trying to keep everything inside. “Dude, I really have to go.”

“Yo, Andy! We’re heading back. Mac’s feeling sick.” Scott called.

Andy didn’t reply; he was already shakily heading down the run.

Scott gruffly sighed as he and Mac made their way back to the cabin.

The boys barely exchanged a word between them as they tried desperately to keep their messes inside their privates.  Mac could feel the liquid diarrhea leak into his already soiled longjohns. His stomach grumbled in agony as he made his way closer to the cabin.

Scott was having his own struggles.  He regretted drinking even one hot chocolate, being that his small bladder could barely handle any liquid before activites.  He adjusted his privates again, stretching his underwear from inside his pants to hold back his desperate urges. If he hadn’t been so shy, he would’ve just gone right there outside.  The boys were almost at the cabin and begrudgingly removed their skis. Mac ran into the bathroom before Scott was able to sneak in front. He took off his snow pants and squeezed his legs together.  His blue longjohns were bunched up around his crotch where he had been holding on. Scott crossed his right leg over his left and shut his eyes. He tried the same thing with his left leg. He tried bouncing up and down.  He tried grabbing onto his penis. Nothing would stop the urge; nothing would stop the pee from coming. “Mac, hurry up! I really, really, really need to go pee!”

Meanwhile, Mac’s stomach wasn’t feeling much better.  He sat on the toilet, feeling a horrible burning sensation in his guts as he expelled the unwanted dairy products from his body.  He vigorously wiped the diarrhea from the inside of his pants, but the stain wouldn’t go away. He regretted throwing his underwear away.  “Just a sec!” he called. The stench from his excrement was filling the room.

“Come on!” Scott desperately cried, banging on the door, “I have to go!”  He was dancing like a maniac trying to keep it under control. Nothing was working.  Scott crouched down and held onto the tip of his penis, closing his eyes.

Back on the ski hill, Andy was coasting down the slope, slow and steady.  It was a much tougher run than he’d expected and he could feel the hot chocolate he drank earlier catching up to him.  He tried to see where the end of the run was, but it was a long way down. He felt the pressure building in his groin and tried hard to hold it without twisting his legs.  He didn’t want to fall over or lose balance. He quickly squeezed his thighs together if only just to adjust himself for a moment. Andy felt the urge grow stronger. “I really gotta go,” he said to himself.  He was starting to regret not heading back to the cabin with Scott and Mac.

Scott hit a bumpy part of the hill and was having a really hard time holding it.  He sacrificed one of his poles to grab onto his crotch tightly. He bit his lip and squeezed his legs together.  He could see the end of the run in just a few meters.

Just then, a bump threw him off balance.  Scott gasped and tripped over his skis, letting go of his hold.  He felt the warm pee filling his underwear and then trickling down the legs of his snow pants as he crashed to the ground.  One of his feet was caught in his ski; Andy could feel his leg was twisted in a weird direction. At first he only felt shame of falling down and peeing his pants as the crowd grew around him.  Then he felt the excruciating pain. He looked over at his leg, realizing he had broken it and began to bawl, mostly due to shock. He watched as Scott’s parents made their way over to the boy along with the medics hired to watch over the hill.

“Andy!  Andy! Are you okay?” Jennifer exclaimed.

“M-m-my leg…” Andy said, staring into the abyss, “I… I think it’s broken.”

Jennifer put a hand to Andy’s cold face, “It’s going to be alright, dear.  We’re going to take you to get fixed up.”

The medic smiled at Andy, “Yeah kiddo, it won’t be long.  We just have to get you out of this snow suit and set your leg before we airlift you to the hospital.”

Andy looked worried.

“You’ll be fine!” the medic smiled.

Andy shook his head and went completely red with embarrassment, “I… I wet my pants…”

“Trust me, kid.  I’ve seen way worse.  At least urine is sterile.”

Jennifer walked back to the cabin to grab Danny, as the twins would be picked up later from the hospital by Mr. Monroe.  She opened the door to see Scott holding himself in front of the bathroom and a horrible musty smell coming from inside. “Boys, your friend Andy has broken his leg… he’s being sent to the hospital… Scotty, do you need to go to the bathroom?”

“Mac won’t let me in.  I’m gonna pee my pants!” he exclaimed.

Jennifer knocked on the door, “Mac, honey, are you okay?”

Mac gasped, “Uh, just a sec!”

Scott danced from foot to foot, desperately hanging on, “You said that like an hour ago!”

“I just… I’m not…” Mac’s words were inaudible over the sound of him evacuating his bowels again.

Jennifer grabbed her son’s arm, “Just pee outside.  I don’t think Mac’s feeling well.”

Scott shyly followed, barely able to walk.  He hadn’t peed outside in a really long time and felt pretty awkward about it.

“Don’t worry.  I won’t let anyone see you,” Jennifer reassured him.

Scott closed his eyes and squeezed his penis, but he felt himself spring a leak.  “Mom…”

Jennifer turned around to see Scott holding himself but ultimately losing the battle as pee soaked through his pants and down his legs into his socks.  Jennifer sighed. “Scotty, do we need to go back to wearing Pull-Ups?” she whispered.

Scott gulped.  He hadn’t worn Pull-Ups since his last school.

“If you keep doing this, you will have to start wearing them until we can trust you to hold it,” Jennifer warned.  “You can’t keep having accidents like this. You’re nine years old! Now go get a change of clothes from your room.  We’ve got to wake Danny up so he can head to the hospital with his brother.”