Desperate Family Part 11


“Hurry up, Taylor!  We have to finish this block before nine!” Esther demanded.

Taylor tried to hurry but she was having a hard time keeping up with Esther and Annie.  She really needed to use the bathroom. Taylor wadded her stockings up and held herself for a minute.  She could hold it for a bit longer. They were almost home…

“Taylor!  Come ON!” Esther whined.

Annie looked back at her little sister, who was holding herself tightly as she shuffled down the block.  “Taylor, do you have to go pee?”

Taylor nodded.

“We’re almost home,” Annie tried to reassure her sister.  She would never let on, but Annie also needed to go.

Taylor stopped for a minute, letting her sister and Esther get ahead.  Her bladder was giving up and she felt a wet spurt leak into her underwear.  Taylor whimpered. “I have to go to the bathroom!” she whined to herself, trying not to cry.  She wished she hadn’t drank a whole can of orange soda right before they left to go trick-or-treating.

“Come on!” Esther demanded, looking back at struggling Taylor, “You can go to the bathroom as soon as we get home, which will be sooner if you move!”

Taylor sniffled and trudged on, feeling another burst of pee drench her crotch and begin to soak into the fabric of her costume.  Taylor plugged herself and did a very dire potty dance as the three girls walked the final block of their neighbourhood. She was glad it was so dark outside and the leotard of her cat costume was completely black, or everyone would see she’d had an accident.  Taylor looked longingly at her house, which was just at the end of the street.

“Just a few more houses to go,” Annie shakily told her little sister, “You can make it.”

Taylor winced and tightened her hold.  She felt herself leak a few more drops.  Taylor gasped. “Annie… I have to go so badly!  Can we please please please go home!” she cried, her knees trembling together, trying not to wet her pants.

Taylor noticed her sister was barely holding on herself.  Annie was trying to disguise it, but she was doing an elaborate potty dance, crossing her leg over and behind, bouncing in time to music that didn’t exist.

“I can’t believe you two are going to go chicken out,” Esther groaned.  “I guess I’ll just trick or treat by myself if you two have to pee so bad…”

“Esther, my sister is about to pee her pants!  My mom will kill me if she ruins that costume…”

Esther wasn’t listening; she was already at the next door waiting for treats.

“Let’s make a run for it,” Annie said.

Taylor shook her head and began to cry.  “I can’t hold it anymore!” she blubbered.  Still trying to plug herself, she felt the looming wetness soak through her leotard.  As Taylor began to walk home, she felt her bladder spasm and slowly empty like a hot river down her legs, pooling in her shoes and socks as she cried.